The pioneering X8 Series is going to be the star of the FIMA 2016 show where, once again, the presence of McCormick is visual evidence of the determination and eagerness to evolve this famous brand and underlines its technological and professional commitment to industry. McCormick continues to renew its range with unrelenting determination. Attention is focused on operator comfort and style with the aim being to offer increasingly performance-oriented products.

X8 Series
McCormick now goes beyond the 300 HP mark for the first time with three power ratings 264, 286 and 310 HP provided by 6-cylinder 6.7-liter Betapower Fuel Efficiency Tier4 Final engines with eVGT (electronically controlled variable-geometry turbocharger) and SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system. The new range comes with a ZF four-stage continuously variable VT-Drive transmission featuring 40 km/h ECO top speed at just 1,300 engine rpm and 50 km/h ECO top speed at 1,600 engine rpm. A standard feature of X8 is the certified ISOBUS system that handles the operation of compatible implements thanks to a dedicated menu in the 12" DSM touchscreen monitor. The powerful closed-center hydraulic circuit has a 157 l/min load sensing pump (212 l/min pump is available as an option) and can handle up to ten electrohydraulically controlled control valves with each valve capable of handling 140 l/min. The rear electronically controlled hitch offers lift capacity of up to 12,000 kg max. The electrohydraulically engaged,3 speed PTO, 540E/1000E/1000, is fitted as standard. A 5,000 kg lift capacity front hitch comes as standard with a front pto(1,000rpm) available as an option. The front axle has an electronically controlled central-pivot suspension system and oil-immersed disc brakes for the utmost in safety and driving comfort. 18,000 kg maximum permissible weight, 3,000 mm wheelbase and up to 900/60R42 rear wheel combinations. Astoundingly stylish from its bonnet to its cab, the new and seductive X8 Series sports an aggressive design that marks a further evolution of McCormick's modern family feeling.

The VT-Drive range
The VT-Drive continuously variable transmission will be a major focus for McCormick at FIMA ‘16, where certain models from the ultra-new X6, X7.4 and X7.6 VT-Drive Series will be on show. With their continuously variable transmission, these tractors are the most advanced solution to the efficiency requirements of farming professionals. The X6 VT-Drive version features the same power ratings (120 to 140 HP) as the standard X6 range but with the continuously variable transmission designed and manufactured by Argo Tractors. The multifunctional armrest and VT-Easypilot system provides total control over the various tractor functions. This range ensures maximum operator comfort in all applications, from heavy-duty open-field work to haulage and general usage. McCormick's X7 series is also on show in the VT-Drive versions, equipped with ZF four-stage continuously variable transmission. In this case, the range comprises three models (X7.440, X7.450 and X7.460) with 4-cylinder BetaPower Fuel Efficiency engines and 147, 160 and 176 HP power ratings plus two 6-cylinder models (X7.660 and X7.670) with 181 and 195 HP Power Plus power ratings, respectively. The standard equipment for the entire McCormick X7 VT-Drive range includes the DSM (Data Screen Manager, i.e. a 12” Touchscreen monitor) for controlling the tractor's operating parameters and performance, as well as the ISOBUS area compliant with ISO 11783 standards. The entire range can be supplied with the optional PSM (Precision Steering Management) system, which includes a second, additional 8.4” touch screen monitor for full control of the satellite steering system, the EazySteer active steering system and ISOBUS advanced section&task controller functions.

X7 “Efficient”
With its 160 HP 6-cylinder engine, McCormick’s X7.650 “Efficient” is another of the models on show at Zaragoza. It is designed to combine simplicity and functional superiority with the high quality standards of the Pro-Drive transmission. The new setup, available for the entire X7 range, enhances the practical aspects of the tractor. This means that the focus is on simplicity without sacrificing features or functionality. The standard equipment of the X7 Series “Efficient” version includes the 88 l/min open-center hydraulic circuit, two basic mechanical control valves, 6,300 kg capacity rear system, air conditioned cab and seat with air suspension.


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