McCormick X6 the all round specialist

Driven by passion and commitment, McCormick engineers have developed a truly innovative range of utility tractors, among which the new X6 stands out for versatility, simplicity, reliability and comfort. Designed with flexibility in mind, this compact tractor will handle a variety of tasks both in the field and on the farm, from soil preparation, sowing and haymaking through to barn management activities and high-speed transport operations. The X6 tractor is engineered and built to carry out all daily tasks with total reliability and comfort, making it the perfect choice for small- and medium-scale stand-alone farm businesses that look for cost-effective fleet management solutions. Highly versatile and fully customisable, the X6 can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each farm.

Performance, versatility, design and comfort


3,6/ 4


119 127



Key features of the X6 tractor include:

  • Cab: Four-post design for enhanced visibility; ergonomic controls for maximum comfort of operation; low-profile roof for easy access to height-restricted buildings; FOPS-certified transparent roof hatch for extra visibility during front loader operation; up to 10 full-LED work lights, six of which located on the roof, for enhanced lighting during night work; satellite-based guidance and ISObus system to improve productivity and profitability.
  • Engine: New FPT F36 3.6L engine delivering up to 127 hp. This engine meets the Stage V emissions regulations using the HI-eSCR2 system located under the bonnet.
  • Transmission: XtraShift transmission with three-stage HML powershift (high, medium, low), Reverse Power Shuttle (RPS) and creeper providing 48 FWD + 16 REV speeds.
  • Axle: The X6 offers a choice of three front axles designed and developed by McCormick: suspended, rigid, rigid narrow. The rear tyres measure 38 inches.
  • Hydraulics: The closed-centre, load-sensing hydraulic system with variable displacement pump provides a flow rate of 110 l/min for greater efficiency, better fuel economy and less engine noise.
  • Options: Front hitch and PTO, M30 front loader

Total View Slim Cab, designed for semplicity

Inside the Total View Slim cab, simplicity is wanted, sought after and planned with a specific purpose in mind – to make those long working days in the field less tiring and stressful. Not only the cab, but also the whole tractor has been designed and built with simplicity in mind to ensure ultimate efficiency. You don’t need to be an engineer to use this tractor, because the McCormick X6 is just easy. The generous glazed surface and the transparent roof hatch of the Total View Slim cab offer the operator unequalled all-round visibility, making front loader operations and manoeuvres in tight spaces, where a clear, unobstructed view at close range is paramount, easier and safer. Up to ten full-LED working lights, six of which located on the cab roof, provide reliable illumination for night time operation. Equipped with all you need to work efficiently, the Total View Slim cab turns simplicity into efficiency. The mechanical suspension system, the air-suspended seat and the front axle suspension absorb vibrations and shocks, providing superior ride comfort. Perfectly sound-insulated, the cab interior features an automotive-grade fit and finish and a highly-efficient climate control that maintains an ideal cab temperature whatever the outdoor weather conditions. The driving position is equipped with a telescopic, tilt-adjustable steering wheel, DAB+ radio with USB port, Bluetooth and hands-free phone. The Total View Slim cab reduces operator fatigue during long working days in the field through a variety of technical solutions. The four-post design, the generous glazed surface and the panoramic roof ensure unequalled all-round visibility, making front loader work and manoeuvring in tight spaces, where short-range visibility is critical, easier and safer. The Total View Slim cab is FOPS certified to protect operators from falling objects and is further equipped with a mechanical suspension that improves ride comfort on rough terrain. Spacious and perfectly soundproofed, the cab interior features an automotive-grade fit and finish with dirt-resistant dark-coloured soft-touch materials. The air conditioner, integrated into the cab roof, maintains a comfortable working environment whatever the outdoor weather conditions. The rear windscreen and the roof hatch can be opened to provide natural ventilation.

FPT F36 Engine yor trusted workmate

The X6 tractors are powered by new FPT F36 3.6-litre, 16-valve, four-cylinder turbocharged engines with intercooler, electronic common rail injection system and HI-eSCR2 technology that meet Stage V emissions regulations. The maximum torque, available already at 1300 rpm, provides excellent fuel economy while reducing engine noise and wear. The FPT F36 engine is equipped with an electronic high-pressure common rail injection system that optimises fuel atomisation and combustion, thereby improving engine performance and fuel economy while reducing emissions. Fuel efficiency is further enhanced by the Engine Memo switch, a device that allows the operator to store and recall the engine speed best suited to the task at hand. The X6 tractor is equipped with a 170-litre fuel tank that guarantees many hours of operation without refuelling. The HI-eSCR2 exhaust aftertreatment system – a technology that combines a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) and a maintenance-free diesel particulate filter (DPF) – enables the X6 to fully comply with Stage V emissions regulations. The HI-eSCR2 system is tucked under the bonnet making for a clean, uncluttered design that provides a clear, unobstructed view to the front and sides and does not compromise on the tractor’s compact size.

X6.125 X6.135
Rated power (ISO/TR 14396) hp/kW 119/88 127/93
Max power (ISO/TR 14396) hp/kW 119/88 127/93
Rated engine speed rpm 2200 2200
Engine speed at max power rpm 1900 1900
Manufacturer FPT FPT
Cylinders / Displacement / Valves 4 / 3,6 L / 16V 4 / 3,6 L / 16V

Xtrashift transmission efficient both in the field and on the road

The X6 features an XtraShift transmission with a three-speed on-the-go powershift (HML) that provides up to 48 forward and 16 reverse speeds with the creeper unit. Derived from higher-class McCormick tractors, the XtraShift transmission is designed to deliver top-notch performance along with total reliability and long-lasting durability under all operating conditions. When travelling on the road, on mixed terrains or on steep slopes, the XtraShift transmission with its three shift-on-the-go speeds (HML) will maintain a constant power, keeping your tractor running at peak performance under all conditions. The transmission can also be controlled from the multifunction joystick. Designed to enhance the features of the X6, the XtraShift transmission delivers outstanding performance and ultimate operator comfort under all operating conditions. The XtraShift electrohydraulic transmission offers up to 40 forward and 16 reverse speeds with creeper. Thanks to well-spaced gear ratios, the X6 responds efficiently to the specific needs of each farm. With a minimum creep speed of 309 m/h and a maximum travel speed of 50 km/h, the X6 enables efficient operation in the field and safe and fast transport on the road. The XtraShift transmission stands for efficiency: the three-stage HML powershift triples the 12 basic speeds providing 36 forward and 12 reverse gears. With additional creeper speeds, the transmission offers a total of 48 forward and 16 reverse gears, allowing speeds as low as 309 m/h. The de-clutch button and the power shuttle allow the operator to shift through all gears and change from forward to reverse without using the clutch pedal. The powershift and power shuttle response is electronically modulated and adjustable by the operator if required for different tasks.

The hydraulic system is tailored to your needs

The X6 features a closed-centre load-sensing hydraulic system (CCLS) with a variable-displacement pump that adjusts the flow rate according to the system requirements. This technology eliminates unnecessary power waste, reduces consumption and noise, and improves performance. The hydraulic system of the X6 provides a total flow of 110 l/min to operate the steering system, rear hitch and remote valves and allows simultaneous operation of front and rear implements. An 11-litre auxiliary hydraulic tank is available for implements requiring high oil take-out such as tipping trailers. A dedicated pump supplies 38.5 l/min to the steering system ensuring smooth and easy turning, even at low engine rpm or during heavy-duty applications, for enhanced operator comfort and greater productivity.

The X6 offers up to five rear remote valves. Three valves are mechanically operated by levers and two are controlled electro-hydraulically via fingertip controls. A fourway flow divider allows two hydraulic units to be controlled with a single remote valve to operate the hydraulic top link or the right lifting rod. Two additional mechanical mid-mount remotes, controlled by the multifunction joystick, are also available for the use of an M30 front loader, taking to seven the total number of remote valves. The X6 offers four types of remotes that can be used in combination to suit different application needs:

  • Standard: double-acting;
  • Kick-out: with automatic detent release;
  • Float: for implements that follow the contour of the ground;
  • Hydraulic motor: for the use of hydraulic motors.

Each option allows the tractor to work with a front hitch, a front loader, a rear hitch and a variety of front- and rear-mounted implements for maximum efficiency and productivity. High-quality quick-release couplings, conveniently fitted on both the front and rear of the tractor, allow quick and easy connection/disconnection of hydraulic lines for fast operation.

Dimensions and weights

X6.125 X6.135
Wheelbase mm 2420 2420
Max height over cab without beacon lights mm 2623 - measured with tyres 380/70R24 - 480/70R34 2623 - measured with tyres 380/70R24 - 480/70R34
Steering radius mm 4400 measured with tyres 480/65R24 - 540/65R38 4400 measured with tyres 480/65R24 - 540/65R38
Shipping weight - measured with average specs Kg 4800 4800
Gross vehicle weight Kg 8500 (wide front axle) - 8000 (narrow front axle) 8500 (wide front axle) - 8000 (narrow front axle)
Max front and rear tyre sizes - (Index Radius -IR) mm 480/65R24 - 540/65R38 (IR 800mm) 480/65R24 - 540/65R38 (IR 800mm)

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