Table of contents:

    1. What grass mowing is and what it is used for
    2. How to mow correctly? McCormick to the rescue!
    3. The X7.6 P6-Drive: efficiency to the nth degree

What grass mowing is and what it is used for

With the arrival of the summer months and rising temperatures, the fields are lush with vegetation, although this can be a problem for crops and agricultural work.

One of the most frequent operations in the field, especially at the beginning of the season, is grass mowing, by which grass and other herbaceous plants in the field are cut.

The activity of mowing grassy fields is of utmost importance for several reasons:

  • Maintaining the field in optimum condition by removing obstacles for the transit of tractors and operators.
  • Healthy soil thanks to the grass cuttings which, if left in the field, decompose and nourish the soil with a number of useful substances.
  • Fodder is always produced from the grass left in the field, which becomes excellent food for the cattle, either fresh or dried as hay.
  • Fire prevention by removing the mass of dry grass that, especially in times of drought, could pose a danger.
  • Weed control by pruning those plants that could pose a problem for crops by depriving them of water, nutrients and sunlight.

How to mow correctly? McCormick to the rescue!

Like almost all agricultural activities, mowing can be done manually with tools such as scythes or brush cutters. Of course, this is only feasible if it is a small plot of land.

The mower

If we are dealing with an entire field to be mowed, it is better to use a tractor equipped with a mower. This useful implement exists in various types, let’s look at the main ones:

  • Cutter bar: a bar with sharp teeth that move back and forth. Good for tall grass on uneven ground
  • Disc: equipped with rotating discs with blades, perfect on large areas and high or low grass
  • Drum: with rotating drums equipped with blades, it is robust and durable, perfect for difficult terrain

Of course, the mower alone is not enough, a powerful and efficient tractor needs to be connected to it for successful mowing. And McCormick knows a lot about power, offering several models that are perfect for the open field such as the X7.6 P6-Drive.


The X7.6 P6-Drive: efficiency to the nth degree

An aggressive, all-round design, a cab with simple, ergonomic controls, ultra-efficient power of up to 230 hp, ideal for combined cutter bars. This is the X7.6 tractor family complemented by the innovative P6-Drive 5-range, 6-speed powershift transmission.

With its chassis-mounted engine and robust front axle with independent suspension, the X7.6 is perfect for rough terrain, slopes and difficult conditions, as well as for specific tasks such as mowing grass. Traction, manoeuvrability and comfort find a perfect balance with the new X7.6 range, resulting in great grip and stability in all working and transport conditions.

The X7.6 Family is designed to work with large, power-intensive implements, such as combination mowers (front + rear). To ensure high efficiency with all applications, the front and rear PTOs provide power and reliability, with modulation of engagement according to inertial load.



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