The F Range

The F range is available in two versions: cab and platform. And it is precisely this latter option that comes with the greatest novelties. In fact, thanks to the introduction of the monolithic, single-structure platform, with lowered footboards, it can offer a compact design and state of the art aesthetics that highlights the 100% made in Italy style.

Reliability and simplicity are the keywords


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75 83 93 102 110


Mechanical and Hi-Lo, with the possibility of hydraulic reverse power shuttle

The platform, suspended on the transmission, provides the undoubted advantage of higher comfort and higher thermal and vibration insulation of the operator's work surface, significantly improving environmental conditions. In the plat version, designed to work easily under the canopy, the position of the fenders is further lowered.

Driving position

The driver's seat and controls are completely aligned with the steering wheel, shadowed by the bodywork and adjustable fenders, so there are no exposed elements outside the tractor and this facilitates manoeuvrability. Manoeuvrability and ease of use are also guaranteed by the new solutions adopted on the cab. This has been designed in automotive style and is equipped with air conditioning and active carbon filters for phytosanitary treatments. The gear and range controls, which are plugged directly into the gearbox, are ergonomically designed and particularly appreciated because they are fully protected from environment conditions.

Perkins engine

The Perkins 1104D 4-cylinder Tier 3-compliant engine is unchanged from the previous series, with maximum power ranging from 74 to 110 hp featuring turbo after-cooler on models 100-110-120.

Different configurations are available for the transmission

Different configurations are available for the transmission: mechanical and Hi-Lo, with the possibility of hydraulic reverse power shuttle. Available mechanics include 12+12 and 16+16 versions with creeper, while Hi-Lo versions are 24+24 and 32+32 with creeper. The transmissions are characterised by versatility and flexibility in the range from 1.4 to 38.9 km/h, adapting to a multitude of specialised operations and in particular, the creeper option allows very low speeds, up to 310 metres per hour, to increase the versatility of work in the field.

Hydraulic circuit

As far as hydraulics are concerned - with capacities from 52+30 up to 60+30 and mechanical hitch with a capacity of up to 3400 kg on the GT versions - the new F range main features are the double pump and the oil cooler fitted as standard.

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