X8 VT-Drive

X8 VT-Drive

McCormick X8 VT-Drive stands out with its new comfort lines and design

McCormick X8 VT-Drive stands out with its new comfort lines and design. X8 VT-Drive is available in 2 models with powers of 264 and 313 hp delivered by 6-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency 6.7-litre engines.

Choosing McCormick means working with a partner that offers uncompromising technology, power and reliability.


6,7/ 6


273 313



In addition, X8 VT-Drive Stage V is guidance ready and features McCormick’s Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management system to monitor key tractor fleet activities at anytime, anywhere in the world. Using IoT (Internet of Things) protocols, all information on fleet activity such as geolocation, consumption, levels, temperatures and work sessions are made available via PC or mobile device. This allows the operational status of tractors to be monitored and their efficiency to be kept constantly under control.

Première Cab

The Première Cab, thanks to its 4-pillar design, offers panoramic visibility in every direction. The operator’s seat has dynamic air suspension with automatic height adjustment and a backrest with both heating and ventilation. The right armrest houses all the main controls and the EasyPilot multifunction joystick has an ergonomic grip and clear functions.

Betapower Fuel Efficiency engines on cast iron chassis

X8 VT-Drive is available in 2 models with powers of 273 and 313 hp delivered by 6-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency 6.7-litre engines equipped with eVGT electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger and SCR exhaust gas post-treatment system, fully compliant with Stage V regulations.

 X8.627 VT DRIVE  X8.631 VT DRIVE
Max power (ISO/TR 14396) hp / kW 273/201 313/230
Engine speed at max power rpm 1900 1900
Max torque at 1400 rpm  Nm 1173 1282
Manufacturer FPT FPT
Engine type - Installation NEF 67 - iso-mounted engine on cast iron chassis NEF 67 - iso-mounted engine on cast iron chassis
Cylinders / Displacement / Valves 6 / 6,7 l / 24 6 / 6,7 l / 24


VT-Drive - continuously variable transmission

Its strength lies in the continuously variable transmission with four stages, 40 kmh ECO speed at 1300 rpm and 50km/h ECO speed at 1600 rpm.

Hydraulic system tailored to your specific needs

The X8 tractors feature a closed-centre hydraulic system with variabledisplacement pump. This means that the pump always delivers exactly the quantity of oil that the system requires, thereby eliminating unnecessary power waste. The system supplies 157 l/min to the hitch and remote valves and 115 l/min to the electronic steering system, allowing for simultaneous operation of all hydraulic functions. The rear hitch provides a lifting capacity of up to 12000 kg. The system features up to eleven electrohydraulic remote valves: six at the rear, three at the front and two in the middle.

Dimensions and weights

Wheelbase mm 3000 3000
Shipping weight - measured with average specifications Kg 11000 11000
Gross vehicle weight Kg 16000 16000
Max front and rear tire size - (Index Radius -IR) mm 650/65R34 (RI 775) - 900/60R42 (RI 1025) 650/65R34 (RI 775) - 900/60R42 (RI 1025)


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