The X4F Platform

X4F tractors come with a choice of three transmissions and a variety of front and rear axle solutions providing different wheelbase sizes and track widths. The range comprises four versions designed for specific applications:

- F: (narrow orchard) ideal for work in small-sized, narrow-row orchards.

- GE: (low orchard) ideal to move under low-hanging orchard branches.

- GB: (ultra-low orchard) special for working under overhead trellis systems.

- XL (wide orchard): ideal for wide-row orchards and field work.

More comfort and less fatigue: the operator in focus


2,9/ 4


70, 76, 90, 95, 102, 112


Speed Four, Synchro Shuttle

The ROPS version of the X4F tractor features an innovative design which combines beauty and functionality. The sleek, dynamic lines of the hood and the rounded profile of the fenders allow this tractor to move easily under low branches and through narrow rows. Spacious, comfortable and safe, the driving position ensures exceptional all-round visibility, thereby maximising productivity.

Roomy open platform for comfort and ease of operation

The driving position has been designed to allow ease of movement and to reduce operator fatigue during long working days in the field. The spacious platform is iso-mounted to absorb impacts of rough terrain and allows easy access to the driving position. The optimum distance between the driver’s seat and the steering wheel and the ergonomic arrangement of all controls make for maximum comfort and ease of operation.

Deutz Engine Stage 3B

This new tractor range includes four versions – F, GE, GB and XL – and six models with maximum power outputs from 70 to 112 hp at 2200 rpm. Powered by Deutz TCD L4 2.9L, 4-cylinder engines that meet Stage 3B emissions standards, all models feature exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and Engine Memo Switch to store engine rpm.

X4.30 F/GE/GB X4.40 F/GE/GB/XL X4.50 F/GE/GB/XL X4.60 F/GE/GB/XL X4.70 F/GE/GB/XL X4.80 F/GE/GB/XL
DEUTZ Stage 3B/Tier 4 Interim 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4 2,9 TCD L4
MAX POWER ISO    HP/kW 70 / 52 76 / 56 90 / 58 95 / 66 102 / 70 112/82
RATED POWER ISO  HP/kW 68 / 50 75 / 55 79 / 58 86/63 95 / 70 105 / 77
MAX TORQUE  NM 272 300 378 400 410 420
DISPLACEMENT / N° OF CYLINDERS cm³ 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA 2900/4TA


Power Five transmission to be one step ahead

The ROPS version of the X4F features as standard a Speed Four transmission with four gears and three ranges providing 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds with synchro shuttle. A 15+15 Speed Five transmission with five gears and three ranges with either synchro or power shuttle is available as an option. The Speed Five transmission can be combined with a Power Five module to obtain up to 30 forward and 30 reverse speeds. A creep speed option is available for all versions.

Hydraulic system with double or triple pump

The ROPS models feature as standard a hydraulic system with a double pump that supplies 50 l/min to the rear hitch and remotes and 28 l/min to the steering system. Available as an option is a triple pump that provides a flow rate of 44+41+28 l/m to operate, respectively, the rear hitch and remotes, the front remotes and the steering system. Three mid-mounted front remotes are available on request with the triple pump in combination with a joystick for the control of front-mounted implements.


X4.30 F/GE/GB X4.40 F/GE/GB/XL X4.50 F/GE/GB/XL X4.60 F/GE/GB/XL X4.70 F/GE/GB/XL X4.80 F/GE/GB/XL
A- LENGTH 4WD mm 4285 4285 4285 4285 4285 4285
B- MIN. WIDTH 4WD F/GE,GB  mm 1313/1350 1313/1350 1313/1350 1313/1350 1313/1350 1313/1350
B- MIN. WIDTH  XL  mm - 1550 1550 1550 1550 1550
C- WHEELBASE 4WD  mm 2150 2150 2150 2150 2150 2150
D- MIN HEIGHT OVER ROPS mm  2261/2236/2211 2261/2236/2211/2261 2261/2236/2211/2261 2261/2236/2211/2261 2261/2236/2211/2261 2261/2236/2211/2261
E- MIN GROUND CLEARANCE mm 413/398/373  413/398/373/413 413/398/373/413 413/398/373/413 413/398/373/413 413/398/373/413
F- MIN FRONT TRACK 4WD mm 1118/1208/1155 1118/1208/1155/1268 1118/1208/1155/1268 1118/1208/1155/1268 1118/1208/1155/1268 1118/1208/1155/1268
G- MIN REAR TRACK mm 987/988/989 987/988/989/1147 987/988/989/1147 987/988/989/1147 987/988/989/1147 987/988/989/1147
WEIGHT 4WD F/GE,GB  Kg 2845/2540 2845/2540 2845/2540 2845/2540 2845/2540 2845/2540
WEIGHT 4WD XL  Kg 2865 2865 2865 2865 2865 2865


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