McCormick tractors, designed to last a lifetime

McCormick’s design and technology stand out on a global scale for their uniqueness, the comfort they bring to the operator, and the power with which they work in every field. This is because Argo Tractors technicians are committed to innovation as well as sustainability (both human and environmental) and are able to apply these values into ever more efficient and ergonomic tractors.

Therefore, deciding to buy a McCormick tractor means making a life choice, not merely purchasing an agricultural vehicle. This – thanks to the constant commitment of the brand – not only concerns new and latest generation tractors, but it is a concept extended to the entire McCormick range, including second-hand tractors.


Table of contents:

    1. McCormick Selected: a new idea of second-hand is born
    2. Built to last
    3. The technicians at your service, from design to support

McCormick Selected: a new idea of second-hand is born

As a company, McCormick strives to provide its customers, both enthusiasts and professionals in general, with the very best agricultural equipment that the market can offer. This is even if they do not wish to invest in a new model, or wish to test the brand during the expansion of their fleet.

The value of a McCormick tractor is not determined by its initial registration, but rather by its ability to withstand wear over a period of time.

It is this feature that has led Argo Tractors to develop a new concept of second-hand tractors. In fact, to ensure that operators have access to their tractors, it developed a specific programme that is highly dedicated to the quality of the product offered: “McCormick Selected”.

As a result of strict controls conducted by its expert technicians, McCormick ensures that its second-hand products – offered by its sales network- are fully functional and equipped with all of the necessary components. In support of this, these vehicles are available exclusively through McCormick dealers.



Built to last

The decision to manage the second-hand products directly through McCormick dealers is a guarantee for the brand – which monitors the data, having increasingly helpful information to work on innovation and refinement of the vehicles – but also for farmers that wish to take advantage of McCormick’s design and power while refusing to compromise. In fact, our sales network support services recondition second-hand McCormick tractors by replacing worn components with original and fully functioning spare parts. The aim is first to secure the tractor and then provide the farmer with every possible comfort; secondly, reconditioning the tractor means restoring it to optimal condition, thus demonstrating that these are not second-hand tractors, but new ones.

Besides McCormick’s assurances – which it upholds – that its products will remain of the highest quality (which are in fact long-lasting), the company also asks that customers rely solely on McCormick dealers, which are guaranteed to treat every detail with the utmost care.

It is important to remember that McCormick’s original spare parts are developed by those who designed and manufactured the tractor, ensuring high-quality standards of efficiency and performance in the long term.



The technicians at your service, from design to support

The daily work at Argo Tractors constantly puts the operator at the centre, whether visualised while driving the machine or as a target of reference when developing a new McCormick tractor model. In this context of attention to the needs of the farmer, providing the correct and adequate assistance means representing a solid support for the customer for a long period of time. McCormick dealers grow along with the brand through the support of the technical assistance team and innovative digital tools that are dedicated to themArgo Service 2.0 and Argo Report – that allow them to always be up to date and to provide cutting-edge support to their customers.



There is no hierarchy of means: McCormick considers each tractor worthy of the highest level of attention and care, designed and assisted to last over time, maintaining the high design and power that distinguish the brand worldwide.

Choosing McCormick means working better, always.



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