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The new X7.6 series has been designed to meet the most demanding needs of modern farmers and contractors. The new look design, McCormick metallic red paint, black rims and new bonnet design have given this range of tractors a modern look.


6,7 displacement/ 6






New Beta Power Fuel Efficiency: plenty of pulling power in the field

The X7.6 tractor range is powered by the new Beta Power Fuel Efficiency 6.7L six-cylinder turbo engines with multivalve technology and electronic common rail injection system. The engines are located within a rugged chassis which helps reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab. The engine cooling is ensured by an electronically-controlled visco fan, which is standard on the entire range. This solution improves cooling efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and noise levels. The new Beta Power Fuel Efficiency powering the X7.6 series are cutting edge engines designed to offer farmers simplicity and functionality without compromising on performance, reliability and durability.


An ergonomically-designed controller integrated into the multifunction armrest provides easy and intuitive control of the P6-Drive transmission, allowing the operator to shift through all gears and ranges without depressing the clutch pedal. The powershift button enables seamless speed progression both in the field and on the road. The multifunction controller integrates all main functions for tractor and implement operation. The My Functions push buttons allows the operator to select and activate up to five different functions such as the APS Auto Powershift facility, differential lock, 4WD operation, De-clutch button, rear hitch fast raise/lower, speed cruise control, one remote valve and headland management. All functions are clearly displayed on the digital instrument panel and on the DSM touch screen monitor. On the X7.6 tractors with P6-Drive transmission, the cab is available in two versions.



The Premiere Cab is a new-concept four-post design with rear hinged doors that provides unobstructed visibility in all directions giving the driver full view of blind spots without the need to change position. The cab is pressurized to keep a clean, dust-free environment. A highly-efficient sound insulation system maintains an in-cab noise level of only 70 dB for maximum comfort of operation. The optional electrohydraulic semi-active cab suspension system further enhances the operator comfort. Wide, well-spaced access steps allow the operator to easily get in and out of the cab, while the buddy seat neatly folds away making for easier and safer access. The cab interior features an automotive-style fit and finish with easy-clean soft-touch materials. The instrument panel and the steering wheel can be electrically adjusted in tilt and depth to suit the driver’s needs.            A swivel seat with dynamic air suspension system and fully automatic height adjustment are standard features for ultimate driving comfort. The multifunction righthand armrest accommodates the main tractor controls arranged in a simple and logical manner. The ergonomically-designed multifunction controller provides easy and intuitive control of key tractor functions. The Premiere Cab’s standard equipment includes a refrigerated in-cab storage compartment and bottle holder, 12V sockets for charging mobile devices, an internal mirror and an opening transparent sun roof providing extra visibility for loader operations. Integrated into the cab roof, a highly efficient automatic climate control maintains the desired cab temperature whatever the outdoor weather conditions.


The P6-Drive transmission with five ranges and six-speed on-the-go powershift incorporates a robotized range shifting and an electrohydraulic steering-column power shuttle providing 30 forward and 15 reverse speeds. In addition, a creep speed option provides 54 speeds forward and 27 in reverse. Where legally permitted, a top speed of 50 km/h can be reached. The P6-Drive transmission is also equipped with an Oil Cut-off function enabling more efficient management of the braking system for better on-road performance and improved fuel economy.


The X7.6 series tractors feature a closed-centre hydraulic system with variable-displacement pump. This means that the pump always delivers exactly the quantity of oil that the system requires, thereby eliminating unnecessary power waste. The system supplies up to 160 l/min to the hitch and remote valves, allowing for simultaneous operation of all hydraulic functions. The hydraulic system also includes a steering pump with 44 l/min flow rate. The X7.6 range has been designed to operate in a variety of conditions with heavy, power-demanding implements. The PTO offers four speeds: 1000, 1000Eco, 540 and 540Eco rpm and the driveline design ensures minimal power loss and therefore maximum productivity. An electro hydraulically operated clutch enables smooth and modulated engagement of the PTO, ensuring a soft start-up of the implement. The rear hitch is equipped with lower link draft sensing for accurate implement control and provides a maximum lift capacity of 9300 kg.

Weights and Dimensions

Weights and Dimensions X7.623
Wheelbase mm 2820
Gross Vehicle Weight kg 13 000
Front weight Support STD
Front hitch weight STD – 800 STD – 1 00
Rear axle weights STD – 170 STD – 340 STD - 510
Max length with front weights 5360-2550 measured with tyres 600/60R30-710/60R42
Steering radius 5400 measured with tyres 540/65R30-650/65R42

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