Maschio Spreaders

Maschio Spreaders


MASCHIO GASPARDO offers a complete range of single and double disc, mechanical and electric centrifugal spreaders. The simplicity of construction, the quality of the materials and the attention to detail make these machines extremely effective. These equipment fully satisfy the most different needs, from the small company that requires simple machines to use and distribute more products, to the bigger companies that require highly specialised equipment, precise and able to control large areas thanks to the Precision Farming functions.





Ciro EW Inox Vineyard Spreader

Maschio Caspardo Chiro

Double disc - fertilizer spreader that's small in size and designed for fertilizing requirements in small and medium sized fields, as well as localized or distributed treatments between rows.

Compact toughly built., ideal for use with low powered tractors and essential for use where space is at a premium. This machine can accurately distribute mineral fertilizer, organic compounds, organic mineral fertilizers and seeds.


Machine designed for precision distribution of small and large quantities of mineral fertilizers, organic compounds and organic mineral fertilizes and seeds .

The model offers you:

  • Precision distribution
  • A distribution system of variable geomotry
  • Micrometric control of the quantities spread
  • Vibrofeed feeding system
  • strong structure
  • safe use

Primo Efficient Spreader


Continues electronic distribution and weight control

Electric actuator for dose adjustment

Electric actuator for adjusting the delivery point of the fertilizer on the disc

Electric actuator for ON/OFF shutter adjustment


Precision Farming;

ISOBUS functionality linked to precision farming, increasing crop productivity, reducing work time and facilitating successful farm management. Spreader is carried out homogeneously, without waste and damage to the crop, with consequent environment and economic benefits. Each plant gets exactly the amount of treatment is needs.

Dimensions and Weights

Ciro EW Inox Vineyard Spreader

Hopper Capacity - 600

Hopper Extension - 400

Power take-off - 540 min

Loading height - 1.08 m

Total Width - 1.2-1,55 m

Weight - 170 kg


Hopper Capacity - 900

Hopper Extension - 600 - 1100

Power take-off - 540 min

Loading height - 1.02 m

Total Width - 1,88 m

Weight - 298 kg

Primo Efficient Spreader

Unladen Mass - 519-650 kg

Maximum Capacity - 3 200 kg

Working Width - 12-36 m

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