New utility tractor for the global market


4500/ 4


112, 120


Synchro Shuttle

Mechanically suspended seat, suspended platform,Deluxe Cab

Featuring a four-post design with large, rear hinged doors, the Deluxe cab provides exceptional all-round visibility and allows the operator to enter and exit with ease. The interior is fully sound-insulated and equipped with an efficient air-conditioning system that creates a comfortable work environment for long hours in the field. The driving position with ergonomically-arranged controls, air suspension seat and adjustable steering wheel further enhances the operator comfort. An opening roof hatch offers extra visibility for loader operations and six powerful halogen lights provide excellent illumination for night work. Also the version with iso-mounted platform comes with sprung seat, adjustable steering wheel and ergonomic controls for maximum operator comfort.The two-post ROPS can be optionally fitted with a sun canopy.


The D-Max 115 and 125 models feature new FPT NEF4-2V 4.5-liter, 4-cylinder, directinjection turbo engines with 112 and 120 hp. The turbocharger delivers optimum boost pressure across all speed ranges and the EGR system, combined with the aftercooler, enables these engines to meet the Tier 3 emission regulations. The cooling system is protected by a set of easy-access, easy-clean filters. For operation in hot and dusty environments, a special filter can be fitted. The D-Max tractor features a 180-liter fuel tank for long working days without refueling. A large, easily accessible filler neck allows for easy filling. The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy access to the engine compartment for routine service and maintenance.

D-115 Max & D-125 Max


Max. power (ISO) HP / KW = 112 / 82.5 & 120/88

Rated speed RPM = 2200

Max. torque LB (NM) = 374 (510) & 378 (515)

Water cooling and dry filter = Standard

Fuel tank capacity GAL (Lt) = 48 (180)


The D-Max series features a versatile modular transmission (Speed ​​Four) with four synchronized gears in three ranges that provide 12 speeds forward and 12 reverse and a left hand steering-column power shuttle. Optionally, the tractor can be fitted with an electronically-controlled T-Tronic transmission. This offers a three-stage powershift (HML) that can be shifted on the go using the green buttons integrated into the gear lever and an electrohydraulic power shuttle providing 36 forward and 12 reverse speeds. In addition, available for both configurations is a creep transmission that provides a wide range of creep speeds down to 400 m / h.The De-clutch control (orange button integrated into the gear lever) and the left hand steering-column power shuttle allow the operator to easily shift through all gears and change from forward to reverse without using the clutch pedal. A shuttle modulation control (potentiometer, L) integrated into the right-hand console allows adjustment of the power shuttle response to suit implement used and soil conditions.


D-115 MAXD-125 MAX
FRONT TIRES14.9 R2414.9 R24
REAR TIRES16.9 R3816.9 R38
LENGHT (WITH BALLAST) IN (MM)187 (4755)187 (4755)
WHEELBASE 4 WD IN (MM)100 (2540)100 (2540)
GROUND CLEARANCE 4WD IN MM14.5 (370)14.5 (370)
HEIGHT TO ROPS IN MM109.5 (2780)109.5 (2780)
HEIGHT TO CAB IN MM109 (2700)109 (2700)
WEIGHT (WITHOUT BALLAST) 4WD + CAB (350 KG) LB (KG)9240 (4200)9240 (4200)


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