McCormick X7 SERIES

X7.650 | X7.660 | X7.670 | X7.680 | X7.690

Main features

116, 121, 133, 140, 147
Power Shuttle

McCormick X7.6 TIER 3 superior design for maximum comfort and productivity

McCormick X7 Series powered by the 6.7 liter 'Betapower' 24 valve, six-cylinder turbo engines with Common Rail injection and air to air Inter cooler which provide power ratings over our five models from 116-147kW. The optimized electronic fuel injection and the enhanced combustion efficiency, allow the new engines to deliver increased horsepower while reducing fuel consumption. The "Pro Drive" transmission with power shuttle and creeper gives 40 Forward + 40 Reverse gears through four speeds in six ranges. The transmission is electronically controlled via push-buttons located on the multi-function armrest of the air suspension seat. It features the "Autoshift" facility which automatically selects the correct gear to suit load conditions, engine revs and ground speed. The transmission also features the ECO Forty 40 km / h at reduced engine speeds. The electro-hydraulic engagement PTO features two shafts with either 6 or 21 spines. The transmission provides four speeds 540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E rpm. The electronic control of the PTO always ensures smooth and modulated implement start-up.


TIER 3BetaPowerBetaPowerBetaPowerBetaPowerBetaPower
MAX. ENGINE POWER WITH POWER PLUS AT 1900 RPM (ISO RATING) hp / kW166/122181/133192/142211/155 225/166
RATED ENGINE POWER WITH POWER PLUS AT 2200 RPM (ISO RATING) HP / KW151/111 165/121179/132192/141 205/151
MAX. TORQUE (WITH POWER PLUS) MM632 (676)694 (738)758 (800)800 (860) 850 (897)
DISPLACEMENT (CM 3 ) / NO. OF CYLINDERS / NO. OF VALVES6728/6/246728/6/246728/6/246728/6/24 6728/6/24
FUEL TANK CAPACITY liters320320320320 320

P6-Drive transmission

The transmission called P6-Drive is a Powershift type. The P6-Drive transmission includes five robotically-activated ranges and comes with as standard, six Powershift speed gears governed by a dedicated electronic controller. Once the operator has chosen the engine speed, the Smart APS (Smart Autopowershift) system allows the P6-Drive transmission to automatically select the most suitable range and speed gear.

Semi-Active Cab Suspension

A new Semi-Active Cab Suspension with electronic controller able to modify shock absorber firmness to suit changing terrain conditions has been introduced to enhance operator comfort to an even greater extent and improve the quality of life and working conditions in the vehicle.


X7.650 T3X7.660 T3X7.670 T3X7.680 T3X7.690 T3
FRONT TIRES540 / 65R28540 / 65R28540 / 65R28540 / 65R30540 / 65R30
REAR TIRES650 / 65R38650 / 65R38650 / 65R42650 / 65R42650 / 65R42
D- HEIGHT OVER CAB MM29202920305530553055
C- WHEELBASE MM27502750282028202820
A- MAX. LENGTH (WITH BALLAST WEIGHTS) MM52605260526052605260
E- GROUND CLEARANCE 4WD MM485485550550550
B- MIN. WIDTH MM24302430243024302430

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