McCormick X6: the latest innovation in the “medium utility” segment

X6 trattori McCormick medium utility

Built to tackle all types of tasks with absolute reliability and maximum comfort, McCormick X6 is designed to meet the needs of modern farms that work with livestock and open fields, thanks also to the advanced technological solutions available for the entire range.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the range.

Engine and drivelines

The X6 range features a Stage IV / Tier 4 Final engine equipped with Common Rail, the electronically controlled injection system that introduces the exact amount of fuel required into the engine, reducing fuel consumption and maximising performance.

Highly configurable drivelines are available, which means that depending on the needs of each individual farm it is possible to equip the McCormick X6 with different drivelines, from the Speed Four to the Xtrashift electro-hydraulic driveline.

The Power Four driveline has 4 synchronised gears and 3 mechanical speed ranges, for a total of 12 FW + 12 RV, with a hydraulic reverse shuttle. The inclusion of the Creeper gear provides for 16 FW + 16 RV and a minimum speed of 310 m/h.

The Xtrashift driveline, equipped with an HML hydraulic reverse shuttle, triples the 12 speeds of the Power Four gearbox, bringing them to 36 FW + 12 RV. Available on request, the Creeper further increases the number of speeds, reaching 48 FW + 16 RV.

De-Clutch and Reverse Power Shuttle make it easier to respectively engage and reverse gears without using the clutch pedal. A potentiometer regulates the aggressiveness of gear engagement and reversal. The power take-off is available with 2-speed or 4-speed versions and synchronised option.

Hydraulic circuit and axles

The open-centre hydraulic circuit ensures optimal functionality for the 6,000 kg capacity hitch and the hydraulic control valves, up to 4 on the rear and 2 up front. Upon request, the X6 can be equipped with a front hitch and power take-off and with the Series M front end loader.

The X6 range guarantees manoeuvrability and stability in all working conditions and excellent handling during transport thanks to the sturdy front axle, rigid or suspended, equipped with electro-hydraulic “Hydralock” diff lock and four-wheel drive with electro-hydraulic engagement. This arrangement ensures continuous optimal functionality, even when working with the front hitch and front end loader.

The exceptional handling of the X6 is owed to the broad swing of its axle, its high ground clearance, and its 55° steering angle. Power steering allows for smooth steering, even at low speeds.

An electronically controlled suspended front axle is also available as an option, which improves performance on rough terrain by ensuring the maximum grip of each wheel for greater stability and control of the vehicle. It improves traction and handling in the field, and improves safety, speed and operator comfort on the road.

The suspended axle is equipped with a diff lock and oil bath disc brakes which, combined with the rear ones, ensure effective 4-wheel braking on all 4 wheels.

The rear final drives offer the same characteristics of robustness and reliability.

Cabina Deluxe Slim trattori McCormick X6

Deluxe Slim Cab

The newly designed Deluxe Slim cab provides the operator with less tiring and stress-free work days. These results are guaranteed by the generous, perfectly soundproofed passenger compartment made with automotive quality materials that are pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. The 4-post structure offers excellent comfort and visibility. The cab also features ergonomic controls, air-suspended driver seat, climate control and a Bluetooth radio system. The lowered roof allows the tractor to enter low overhead environments such as stables, while the presence of a transparent door ensures perfect visibility during the use of the front end loader.

The X6 can be equipped with satellite guidance upon request, thanks to an agreement with Topcon Agriculture, and with the ISObus system to maximise productivity, profitability, comfort and safety.

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