X4F/V/GE Specialty Series

X4F/V/GE Specialty Series


/ 4 Cylinder


68, 75, 79


Mechanical Shuttle, Power Shuttle, Power Shift

Deluxe Cab or Open Platform

More comfort means more productivity. That’s why McCormick has developed the Deluxe cab: a true mobile office where working becomes enjoyable. The Deluxe cab is a four-post design with rear-hinged doors that provide ease of access to the driving seat and unequalled all-round visibility. With its flat-deck platform, fully adjustable driving position, ergonomic controls and automotive-grade fit and finish, the X4F cab offers the operator a comfortable workplace all year round and in all weather conditions.

The ROPS version of the X4F and GE tractors feature an innovative design which combines beauty and functionality. The sleek, dynamic lines of the hood and the rounded profile of the fenders allow this tractor to move easily under low branches and through narrow rows. Spacious, comfortable, and safe, the driving position ensures exceptional all-round visibility, thereby maximizing productivity.


The X4F/V/GE series is powered by the new Deutz TCD L4 2.9L four-cylinder engines. With four valves per cylinder, turbo Intercooler and common rail injection system,
these engines deliver more power, higher torque backup and better fuel economy, resulting in great flexibility of use.
The three models in the range provide power ratings from 68 to 79 hp at 2200 rpm. The fuel consumption is reduced to a minimum as a result of the Engine Memo
Switch, a device which allows the operator to store and recall the engine speed most suited to the implement used, and due to the absence of DPF regeneration system.

EGR + DOC system: exhaust emissions under control
An innovative exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) allows the Deutz TCD L4 engines to meet the Tier 4 emissions regulations without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF), thus eliminating the need for a regeneration process.

Versatile Transmission to Suit Every Need

The X4F & V Cab tractors are fitted standard with a mechanical shuttle. Optionally available is an electrohydraulic power shuttle with response modulation to suit operating conditions.

The rear PTO offers two speeds: 540 and 1000 with groundspeed PTO option on cab models. A power-assisted button enables smooth and modulated engagement of the PTO. This ensures a soft start-up of the implement for greater operator comfort.

The ROPS version of the X4F and GE features as standard a 16x16 speed transmission with creeper gear and synchronized mechanical shuttle capable
of 25mp. A 15x15 speed transmission with five gears and three ranges is available with reverse power shuttle. This five gear transmission can be optionally combined with 2-speed power shift and creeper reduction gears to obtain 40 forward and 40 reverse speeds.

Innovative Hydraulic System

The X4F and V cabs come with a variety of hydraulic options and configurations to offer farmers tailored solutions for their applications. The hydraulic system of this range comes standard with a double pump that supplies 13.2 gpm (50 l/min) to the rear hitch and remotes and 7.4 gpm (28 l/min) to the steering system. Optionally, it can be equipped with a triple pump that provides a flow rate of 10.8+10.8+7.4 gpm to operate, respectively, the rear hitch and remotes, the front remotes and the steering system. The tractor can be equipped with up to seven remote valves, four at the rear and three at the front. Available options include three electrohydraulic front remotes, a flow selector to control multiple outlets with a single control and a flow divider to regulate the flow rate to the remotes. The F and V cab models are available with rear hydraulic stabilizers which control opening and closing of the lower links via two simple push-buttons. This function can be useful when attaching implements or when hitch adjustment during inter-row operation is required. The Category 2 three-point hitch offers a lift capacity of 5,952 lbs (2700 kg)

The ROPS models feature as standard a hydraulic system with a double pump that supplies 13.2 gpm (50 l/min) to the rear hitch and remotes and 7.4 gpm (28 l/min)
to the steering system. 2 mid-mounted valves, 1 standard and 1 float, come standard with the X4F and GE tractors. Available as an option with 2 spool valves are S/D acting (1 motor with flow divider + 1 float) or D/E (1 motor with flow diverter + 1 kick out). A flow selector is also available as an option with 2 front splitting pipes.

Dimensions and Weights

This range is available in ROPS version for the F and GE models and in cab version for the F and V models. The range offers a variety of frames providing different wheelbase sizes, ground clearances and track widths. The series comes in three models to suit specific applications:
F model for narrow-row orchards: ideal for work between tight orchard rows.
GE model for low orchards: perfect for moving under low-hanging branches.
V model for vineyards: specially designed to operate between vineyard rows.

Refer to product brochure for detailed dimensions and weights

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