X4 Brochure 2023

X4 Brochure 2023



McCormick never ceases to amaze. Relying on its ability to
develop simple, convenient and innovative technology solutions,
McCormick has built the new X4 series, a range
of light utility tractors designed with simplicity, efficiency
and versatility in mind.
Available in both cab and ROPS versions, the X4 is
ideally suited to meet the needs of farmers that require a
low cost, all-round tractor. Perfect for wide row vineyards
and orchards, the X4 is equally at home plowing tilling
and harrowing small plots of land as well as sowing and hay
making. Its excellent all-round visibility ensures safe loader
work and its com-pact size allows for optimum
maneuverability inside barns and sheds, while its stability will
ensure safe operation on sloping terrain and during road
transport. All these features turn the X4 tractor into a true
champion of productivity.
The new X4 sports a modern, cutting-edge design
whose strongest point is the Total View Slim cab.
Completely redesigned according to automotive industry
standards, the new cab offers a variety of convenience
features designed to maximize the operator’s comfort. The
key features of the new cab include a low-profile roof with
a transparent hatch for extra
visibility during loader operations, a flat-deck platform, an
efficient climate control system and ergonomically-arranged
controls. The new X4 offers a choice of two transmissions:
a 24/24 Speed Four transmission with synchro shuttle and
mechanical Hi-Lo and a 12/12 Power Four transmission with
power shuttle. The range comprises three models delivering
61 hp, 68 hp and 75 hp.
The strong points of the X4 series tractors from McCormick
- Specially-built transmission;
- Four-wheel drive front axle with limited slip differential;
- Wheelbase of 2110 mm;
- Mechanically-operated rear hitch with 3000 kg lift capacity;
- Optional front hitch and PTO;
- Open-center hydraulic system with 52 + 30 l/min flow rate;
- Urea-free exhaust after-treatment for greater simplicity
and lower operating costs.
When you choose a McCormick X4, you are choosing a trusted
companion that will deliver reliability, efficiency and productivity.
Because the name McCormick stands for smart technology.


KOHLER T4F TCR 2.48L, with DOC Intercooler and cooled external EGR/ 4-cylinder


Ranges from 61 HP, 68 HP, 75 HP


12 x 12 speed, 4 gears and 3 ranges; synchronized mechanical shuttle

KOHLER T4F TCR 2.48L, with DOC Intercooler and cooled external EGR

12 x 12 speed, 4 gears and 3 ranges; synchronized mechanical shuttle

Open center system with separate steering and implement pumps

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