X8 Brochure 2024

X8 Brochure 2024

X8 Brochure


At McCormick high power has a name: The X8.
Boasting over 300 hp, the X8 tractor series combines true power with
comfort and style. Specially designed for demanding contractors who
work full time on farming businesses, X8 tractors have been
developed with an eye for the functional potential offered by
electronics and designed to seamlessly integrate future technologies.
To meet tomorrow’s challenges, the X8 series offers the operator a
variety of high-grade features: automotive-style hood and fenders, a
fully redesigned Premiere Cab with ergonomically-arranged, easy-to-use
controls for the four-stage VT-Drive transmission, a bright DSM
touchscreen monitor, a high-performance hydraulic system with up to
212 l/min flow rate and electro-hydraulic remote valves, and powerful
Betapower Fuel Efficiency engines capable of delivering up to 310 hp
for the X8.680 model.

New X8 VT-Drive Range:
a perfect blend of power and style

ALWAYS READY TO WORK When sitting behind the wheel of the X8, you will enjoy the panoramic view only a Premiere Cab can provide. The VT Easy Pilot handle allows the operator fingertip control of all tractor functions. The air-suspended swivel seat with anti-vibration system and backrest ventilation combined with cab and independent front axle suspension minimizes shock ensuring the operator has a superior ride comfort in any condition. The automotive-grade fit and finish further enhances the operator comfort. The cab is pressurized to keep a clean, dust-free environment, while a highly-efficient automatic climate control maintains the desired cab temperature whatever the outdoor weather conditions.


FPT 6.7L, 6-cylinder diesel engine/ 6-cylinder


Boasting over 300 HP


VT-Drive Continuously Variable Transmission

The X8 series tractors feature FPT NEF67 Iso-mounted engine, StageV, TACR, HI-eSCR2 6.7L, six-cylinder engines that deliver
power ratings of 264, 286 and 310 hp. These
engines are equipped with electronically-controlled
variable-geometry turbocharger, common
rail injection system and SCR exhaust gas
after-treatment technology and meet Tier4
emission regulations. The engine is located
within a rugged chassis which helps reduce
noise and vibration levels within the cab.
The tilt-up hood opens wide to provide easy
access to the engine compartment for routine
service and maintenance. The coolers located
in front of the radiator open fully from a single
latch to provide easy cleaning in dusty

The VT-Drive transmission is a continuously
variable transmission that provides an infinite
number of speed ratios from zero to the maximum
speed.. This transmission offers four
speed ranges that allow the use of
specific implements at varying speeds which
can be programmed by the operator.
 The VT Easy Pilot handle integrated into the
multi-function armrest features a series of buttons
that allow the operator to select speeds
and ranges and to operate different functions
such as the remote shuttle, rear hitch raise
lower, cruise control, one remote valve and the
headland management. All functions are clearly
displayed on the instrument panel and on the
DSM touch screen monitor.

Outstanding traction and excellent maneuverability
ensure optimum grip and stability, resulting in
improved driving comfort in the field and on the
road. The front suspended axle with center pivot
is equipped with wet multi-disc brakes, fourwheel
drive engagement and full locking differentials.
Specially designed to match the power of
the X8, the rear axle is sturdy and reliable and
features wet multi-disc brakes.

The X8 series tractors feature a closed-center
hydraulic system with variable-displacement
pump. This means that the pump always delivers
exactly the quantity of oil that the system
requires, thereby eliminating unnecessary power
waste. A high-flow pump provides 212 l/min of
flow. The electronically-controlled rear hitch is
equipped with lower link draft sensing for accurate
implement control and provides a maximum
lift capacity of 26,450 lbs (12000 kg).
 The X8 tractors come standard with 4 electro-
hydraulically controlled rear remote valves.

The X8 range has been designed to operate in
a variety of conditions with heavy, power-demanding
implements. The PTO offers three
speeds: 540Eco, 1000 and 1000Eco rpm and
the driveline design ensures minimal power loss
and therefore maximum productivity.
 An electro-hydraulically operated clutch enables
smooth and modulated engagement of the PTO,
ensuring a soft start-up of the implement. External
PTO and hitch controls are located on the rear fenders
making it easier to attach implements from the

FPT 6.7L, 6-cylinder deisel engine

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