Detect the operator’s driving

It is called “The Human factor” because it focuses on the Man, the operator who drives the tractor. “The Human factor” is new software developed by Argo Tractors in co-operation with Università Politecnico di Milano and will be exhibited in the EIMA Service Center as a 2016 Technical Innovation.

Assembled for the occasion on a McCormick X7 Series tractor but also available for McCormick’s X6 Series and X8 Series, and Landini’s 6C, 6 and 7 Series tractors, the new Argo Tractors device allows the operator’s driving style to be optimized in a simple and immediate way with regard to three performance indicators: comfort, safety and economy of the work process.

On board systems detect the operator’s driving behavior via a series of components, comprising sensors, control unit, system for communicating data to a remote server and operator interface. The system analyzes the tractor operator’s driving style during road transport for example.

Sensors then transmit data back to a central source detailing the functional state of the vehicle and the driver’s actions in every situation. This data is immediately processed and compared with theoretically optimum parameters. This gives rise to driving advice which, if taken and applied by the operator, will allow him to save time and possibly reduce fuel consumption for example.

The Argo Tractors software analyzes the tractor’s driving data and, on the basis of this, assesses whether the operator is achieving optimal performance.


Adopt an optimal driving style

If an unbalanced ratio among safety, comfort and economy of the work process is detected, as in the case of an aggressive driving style for instance, the software takes action. Using colored signals and three simple percentage values displayed on the cab monitor, it “suggests” ways in which the driving parameters can be improved so as to optimize the operator’s driving style.

The aim is to encourage the operator to adopt an optimal driving style thanks to the availability of immediate information processed on the basis of quantitative data obtained by means of an algorithm that’s independent from the type of route and other conditions (such as the implements carried or the mechanical conditions of the engine).

Thanks to “The Human Factor”, the operator is assisted in the continuous improvement of his driving style. Thus this activity is also able to benefit from the principles on which the “Kaizen” system, adopted by Argo Tractors, is based for the purpose of constantly improving product quality.

Meanwhile, the system does not merely interface with the driver. It also allows all the data and calculations to be contextually transmitted to a tractor fleet Manager in real time. In this case, it becomes a fleet management instrument able to enhance operator skills, optimize fuel consumption and extend the life-cycle of the vehicle.


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