McCormick lights up Agritechnica with Comfort, Technology and Digital Solutions

X5 P3-Drive

From 12 to 18 November, Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, will be the meeting point for agricultural technology professionals. Among the 2,800 exhibitors, representing 53 countries, will be McCormick, a brand which is part of the Argo Tractors group, based in Fabbrico in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

McCormick will showcase 10 models that deliver power and dynamism, as well as technology and digital solutions for the service of agriculture. These include, in particular, McCormick Farm, the revolutionary App that enables smart farm and agronomic management. McCormick Farm is the key to the future, allowing farmers to manage and digitise their operations and control them via a dedicated App, which fully integrates with other digital tools, such as Telematics and Remote Diagnostics, the Farm Management Information System, satellite-assisted guidance and much more.

Attention is also paid to design, an area which McCormick entrusts to its Style Centre to continue the process of improvement, without overlooking an up-to-date Family Feeling. In addition to this, all tractors are equipped with the special Red Spirit trim, which features a metallic red livery and black rims.

Among the latest innovations is the new cab for top-of-the-range tractors X7.6 and X8.

The McCormick Clever Cab has been designed and built to offer not only more space and comfort, but also includes developments to ensure that the operator’s experience on board the tractor is excellent. The new LED headlamp system ensures optimum visibility outside, especially when working at night. The windscreen, doors and rear window benefit from new, innovative glass panes developed by Saint Gobain, which improve thermal insulation both in summer and winter. Furthermore, they significantly increase thermal comfort in the cab. The controls have been redesigned to be even easier and more convenient to reach, while the dashboard and digital interfaces have been enhanced to offer an even more satisfying user experience. Finally, new automotive-style plastic interior trim completes the look.

In the medium power segment, the new P3-Drive transmission developed by Argo Tractors makes its début on the X5.120 tractor nominated for Tractor of The Year 2024 in the Best Utility category.


McCormick X5 P3-Drive

For the multi-utility farm tractor segment, McCormick brings the X5 range to Germany, in which the main innovation is the new P3-Drive transmission, which ensured that the highest-powered model, the X5.120, was among the finalists for the Tractor Of The Year 2024 award, in the Best Utility category.

The 36+12 or 48+16 transmission with creeper, designed and manufactured entirely in-house by Argo Tractors, allows a combination of 3 PowerShifts (HML) with 4 robotised gears for each range, offering 12 automatically controlled ratios. Everything is conveniently controlled via the SmartPilot joystick, taking advantage of the Auto PowerShift (APS) function that automatically engages the gear as speed increases in both field operations (AutoField) and road transport (AutoRoad).

Housing the joystick that, in addition to the transmission, controls other functions including the rear hitch and PTO, is the new right-hand console, revised in terms of control ergonomics and designed for greater operator comfort.

Equipped with a 3.6-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, Stage V compliant FTP F36 engine, the range delivers 95 to 114hp that is always available and maximum torque ranging from 395 to 460 Newton metres, all in a compact tractor with a wheelbase of 2,354 mm.

X5 P3-Drive

Introduced for the first time on this model is the ADS+ (Advanced Driving System+), which allows advanced management of steering functions, such as automatic wheel realignment in Road mode, effortless steering on uneven terrain, and a system that increases steering wheel stiffness as speed increases, to ensure automotive-style driving comfort.

What makes this model unique compared to the competition and ensures high operator comfort (which makes it Best in Class) is the combination of suspended axle and cab.

Finally, thanks to careful design, the exhaust gas aftertreatment system consisting of DOC, DPF and SCRoF is housed entirely under the bonnet to ensure greater visibility. The bonnet itself, made in one single piece, offers a wide opening for easy maintenance and cleaning of the radiators.

The open-centre hydraulic circuit with a 82+32 l/min triple pump guarantees high performance with the loader, rear and front hitches and implements that can be connected to the vehicle’s 5 spool valves. The electronically controlled category 2 rear hitch with 4,500 kg capacity is precise and easy to use thanks to the SmartPilot joystick and right-hand console, while the category 2 front hitch has a lifting capacity of 2,200 kg. And finally, the M20 front loader, 100% compatible with the front hitch, is easily controlled with the dedicated ergonomic joystick.

The tractor is prepared to accommodate a rear ISObus socket, PSM (Precision Steering Management) satellite guidance and is equipped as standard with the McCormick Digital Solutions: McCormick Fleet Management for optimal management of the tractor fleet in terms of telematics and remote diagnostics and McCormick Farm, an innovative App that manages the entire agronomic part of the farm, collecting data and making them available to the activity log and warehouse.

A further strong point of the X5 is its configurability, which, thanks to its numerous equipment options, starting with the well-established Premium and Efficient, now sees the introduction of two further versions: Cruise and Cruise+, designed for uses where entry-level specifications are already sufficient to meet all operator requirements.

In addition to the four configurations of the standard version, there is also a further version, High Clearance, which comes in the Efficient configuration, X5.100HC with 95hp and X5.110HC with 102hp. The transmissions of these specific High Clearance versions can be 12+12 or 24+24 with mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle RPS. The hydraulics offer a 62 l/min tandem pump. The maximum capacity of the rear hitch is 3900 kg (HC).


McCormick X5.085

McCormick X5.085 Stage V is the tractor that embraces power and technology along with versatility and manoeuvrability. Strategically positioned between the X4 and X5, it is aimed at customers who need agile transport, front-loader shed work and light open field work.

The 3.4-litre, 4-cylinder, 8-valve FPT F34 engine, Turbo Intercooler with Common Rail electronic injection, has a power output of 75 hp, torque of 375 Nm at 1,400 rpm, and a torque reserve of 57%, giving the X5.085 performance normally associated with larger tractors.

X5.085 is Stage V approved, employs EGR, DOC and DPF technology, without SCR and without urea, thus enabling compliance with anti-pollution regulations through easier installation that reduces maintenance and operating costs.


Also introduced for the X5.085 is the brand-new P3-Drive transmission, entirely designed and manufactured in the Argo Tractors factories. Thanks to the combination of 3 HML load gears, 4 robotised gears and 4 mechanical ranges, this transmission offers the possibility of 12 automatic ratios with APS (Auto Powershift) for each range and the Stop&Action function that engages the clutch when only the brake pedal is pressed, making driving on transport easier.

To ensure optimal handling of the P3-Drive transmission (but not only), the right-hand console has been completely redesigned by introducing the brand new SmartPilot joystick, which controls all the main functions of the vehicle with one hand.

For the benefit of comfort and driving experience, ADS+ (Advanced Driving System+) technology was introduced, an electro-hydraulic steering system that reduces ground vibrations, realigns the wheels automatically and increases steering stiffness as speed increases. In addition, this innovative system allows the implementation of the EazySteer function, which reduces the number of steering wheel rotations to complete steering and is prepared for PSM satellite guidance.

The open-centre hydraulic circuit with dual 56+32 l/min pump allows the 5 spool valves, the rear and front hitches and the front loader to be controlled with complete efficiency. The category 2 rear hitch is mechanically controlled with 3,900kg capacity, is precise and easy to use via the ELS (Ergonomic Lift System), alternatively it is also available electronically controlled. The front hitch is category 2 and has 1,700 kg capacity. And finally, the M15 front loader, 100% compatible with the front hitch, is easily controlled with the dedicated ergonomic joystick.

McCormick Digital Solutions, including McCormick Farm, are also available for the X5.085.


X7.6 VT-Drive

The McCormick X7.6 range represents the X7 family with 6-cylinder engines, designed to meet the needs of modern farms and contractors, designed with a new family feeling, which is even more aggressive.

It features Stage V (thanks to the innovative HI-eSCR2 system), Beta Power Fuel Efficiency 6-cylinder, 24-valve engines with turbocharger and Common Rail injection with power outputs up to 240hp.

The 4-stage continuously variable VT-Drive transmission provides excellent performance, responsiveness and much smoother work, especially with the inclusion of the Smart Power Zero system that keeps the tractor stationary even with the reverse shuttle engaged.

Ensuring the efficiency of the mechanical parts is the McCormick Central Grease System that operates on all greasing points, of which there are 38 on the X7.6 range models. The system performs greasing automatically, every 2-3 hours of use, while the tractor is in motion. It is also possible to perform manual greasing cycles, such as after washing the tractor.  The calibrated injection of lubricating grease guarantees up to 6 months of autonomy, increasing the performance and efficiency of the tractor.


The McCormick X7.6 with VT-Drive transmission also features the electronically controlled smart-brake parking brake and the EazyGrip system that remotely manages tyre pressure ensuring a high increase in efficiency.

The X7.6 VT-Drive model on display will be equipped with the new four-pillar Clever Cab, featuring a FOPS-approved roof with a transparent opening hatch providing all-round visibility. For greater comfort, the cab is equipped with semi-active electro-hydraulic suspension as well as a new, air-conditioned swivel seat with +120mm more seat travel and a new Audio system with touchscreen radio compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and four speakers ensuring perfect sound diffusion.

The McCormick X7.6 accommodates mechatronic systems to assist driving and support fleet management, from PSM – Precision Steering Management (combined with the assisted guidance system) to the McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management system for real-time fleet control, tractor data analysis, remote maintenance scheduling and activity history via data storage. Models are also equipped with McCormick Farm, created as part of the digitalisation process promoted by Argo Tractors, which facilitates farm management. The tractor is connected to an intelligent and intuitive system supporting more than 400 different crops. By connecting the tractor to the McCormick Farm App, it is possible to view performance and work reports, access prescription maps and identify boundaries and obstacles. This allows each area of the farm to be governed in an optimised manner.


McCormick X8 VT-Drive

The range includes two models: The X8.627 and X8.631 VT-Drive, with power outputs of 273hp and 313hp respectively, and 6.7-litre FPT N67 Stage V six-cylinder engine with electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger eVGT which uses the HI-eSCR2 exhaust gas aftertreatment system.

X8 VT-Drive

Two versions are also available: Efficient and Premium. The transmission is a continuously variable, four-stage VTDrive with dedicated hydraulic circuits. One of its distinguishing features is the response capability that allows it to go from 40 metres per hour to 40 or 50 kilometres per hour at, respectively, 1,300 and 1,580 revolutions per minute, while significantly reducing fuel consumption.

The X8.631 VT-Drive model on display has a max. allowed weight of 16,000 kg and a wheelbase of 3,000 millimetres. Mobility is made safe and stable, even on uneven terrain, thanks to the front axle with electronically controlled parallelogram suspension as standard.

The closed-centre hydraulic system includes a load sensing pump with a flow rate of 160 litres/min (a pump with a maximum flow rate of 212 litres per minute is also available) and an electronically controlled steering pump with a flow rate of 115 litres per minute. There are six rear and three ventral electro-hydraulic spool valves with flow rates of 140 and 100 l/min and a three-way diverter valve with dedicated quick couplers; this solution allows three hydraulic movements to be controlled with a single spool valve.

The rear electronic hitch can lift up to 12,000 kg, while the front electronic hitch with position control can lift up to 5,000. For better implement management, a 540E/1000E/1000 (standard) electro-hydraulic engagement rear PTO and a 1,000 rpm electro-hydraulic engagement front PTO (optional) are available.

It features Precision Steering Management satellite guidance and the McCormick Fleet & Diagnostic Management telematics system, as well as the recently launched McCormick Farm app, which enables smart farm management through solutions that optimise the collection and use of agronomic data and the administration of the activity log.


X6.4 P6-Drive

Winner of the Tractor of The Year award in the Best Utility 2023 category, the McCormick X6.4 P6-Drive takes the stage at Agritechnica, ready to win over the public. This model is designed for those who require versatility, performance and comfort and is suitable for working in the open field, haymaking and any work involving a loader.

With a wheelbase of 2,560mm and a 4.5-litre, 16-valve, 4-cylinder FPT NEF 45 engine, it has a maximum power output of 135hp to 155hp depending on the model, and is capable of a top speed of 50 km/h. Stage V compliant drive unit, thanks to the HI-eSCR2 exhaust gas treatment under the bonnet.

The added value of this model is the P6-Drive transmission, designed in-house at Argo Tractors, with 6 PowerShift gears and 4 ranges offering 24 + 24 ratios, (40 + 40 when the Creeper is present). The transmission can be controlled manually with the joystick buttons or via the APS (Auto Powershift) automatic system.

X6.4 P6-Drive

The closed-centre hydraulic system features a 114 l/min pump capable of supplying up to 7 electro-hydraulic spool valves and fully controllable via joystick. The model is best in class for tank capacity: 220 litres for fuel and 23 litres for AdBlue®.

It features a new cab with a new FOPS-certified panoramic roof, which provides excellent visibility and allows the use of the M40 loader capable of reaching a maximum height of 4.1 metres and a maximum load of 19 quintals. Driving comfort is also enhanced by the mechanical cab suspension system combined with the suspended front axle and independent arms.

Along with the SmartPilot Plus joystick, the multifunctional armrest also includes the MyHMF button, which allows you to record and recall a sequence of operations at the start and end of the field.

There are of course connections to McCormick Farm to govern all digital activities and McCormick Fleet & Diagnostic Management.


McCormick X4 TF-TM

McCormick X4T is a range of Stage V crawler tractors equipped with a passively regenerating DPF particulate filter and DOC oxidation catalyst. Only for models over 56 kW power are the SCR selective emission reduction catalytic converter and 10.5-litre AdBlue® tank added. The X4.085, X4.095, X4.105, X4.110 and X4.120 models offer power outputs ranging from a minimum of 75hp to a maximum of 112hp.

Its dimensions and height make the X4 TF-TM suitable for working in orchards (TF version) and mountains (TM version). Its style follows the new and appreciated family feeling developed for all new McCormick tractors.

The McCormick X4T is present at Hanover with the cab version equipped with air conditioning, radio and roof-integrated filtration system, which protects the operator from dust, noise and the elements all year round.

The cab is innovative in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, technology and is very comfortable. Unlike other crawler tractors, which mount the cab on the platform tractor, the X4T offers a structural solution, i.e. a monocoque, making the tractor more compact also in terms of design, combining comfort and aesthetics.


The platform version is also completely suspended from the wagon and engine compartment. This solution provides total insulation from heat and vibrations, resulting in increased comfort. Front and side visibility and ergonomics are also excellent, thanks to the optimised driver’s seat and the side control console.

The 16 + 8 speed transmission operates through a synchro reverse shuttle (a plus compared to the competition) and can be configured with overdrive, to increase the top speed up to 15 km/h, or alternatively with the Creeper, which allows a minimum speed of 300 metres per hour.

Tracks are available in steel or rubber. In the TF version with a track width of 1,100 mm or 1,132 mm depending on the configuration, the semi-lubricated steel tracks range from 310 to 360 mm in width, while in the TM version with a track width of 1,300 mm, the same tracks are available in 400 or 450 mm. The rubber soles are 400 mm wide for both versions, with track widths of 1,132 mm in the TF model and 1,300 mm in the TM model.

The brake pedals are suspended in automotive style and hydraulically controlled, to the benefit of comfort and safety. The tanks, one at the rear and one at the side, are connected to each other and have a total capacity of 85 litres, thus allowing maximum working autonomy during the day in the field.

The hydraulic circuit has a double pump: 28.5 l/min for steering and 42 l/min for hitch and spool valve management.

To the basic equipment of 3 hydraulic spool valves, 2 more can be added up to a total of 5 rear spool valves, with optional 6 front quick couplers and flow regulator.

The rear hitch, enriched with the optional ELS, Ergonomic Lift System, has a maximum load capacity of 3,150 kg in the standard configuration and 4,500 kg when equipped with 2 additional hydraulic cylinders.


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