McCormick grows in power and technological content

Fieragricola in Verona, scheduled from January 29th to February the 1st, will host McCormick cutting edge technological tractors including X7.6 VT-Drive Stage V, heavy-duty utility X6.4 VT-Drive and medium-duty utility X6.35.

McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive, with a 6-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission, is the highest performing model of the range with 240hp (starting from 190hp in the X7.620 model).

The maximum torque of 983 Nm at 1400 rpm with Power Plus system guarantees maximum power and high performances, together with fuel savings. The engine –suspended on a chassis – is equipped with the B.I.C. – Best in Class system which optimises fuel filters by reducing oil waste and maintenance time and costs.

Further efficiency is generated by the Engine Brake system which, thanks to the turbocharger throttle valve, reduces the engine rpms by activating the engine brake in addition to the rear brakes.

The continuously variable 4-stage VT-Drive transmission with oil-cooled clutches guarantees a minimum speed of 0.04 km/h and a maximum of 40 km/h at reduced engine speed, fostering productivity for all types of work. The rear axle, with solid final drives and the 4-speed PTO achieves the maximum engine power. The front axle with independent wheel suspension reduces vibrations and assures maximum manoeuvrability for greater safety and driving comfort.

The Data Screen Manager (DSM), evolves from the existing one with patented “MySwitch” button to a new “MyFunctions” version that multiplies these programmable buttons by five, on the joystick, allowing the driver to record five functions and thereby increasing the customisation of the controls.

Also new is the system that allows the operator to adjust the tilting movement of the steering wheel electrically by means of a simple switch.

Ready for satellite guidance and Isobus connections, the system can be integrated with McCormick Fleet Management, managing a fleet of tractors and gathering real-time information on worked area, geo-positioning and data like fuel consumption and hours laboured directly on the computer of the fleet manager.

McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive features a new hood – reflecting the style of the McCormick X8 VT-Drive – and a new roof, equipped with 12 LED working lights (out of a total of 20 LED lights) positioned to offer 360-degree visibility during night shift. For optimal control of the lights, a special “MyLights” menu on the DSM allows managing the auto-on and auto-off functions. The interior of the cab is distinguished by high quality materials, excellent level of ergonomics and attention to details, providing maximum comfort and space.

McCormick X6.4 VT-Drive is available with 121hp, 133hp and 140hp power outputs guaranteed by 4,500 cm3 Tier 4Final 4-cylinder engines with DOC + SCR exhaust gas post-treatment system.

The range features an electro-hydraulic 4-speed PTO with Auto PTO settings for ease of operation and smooth drive take up. The rear hitch (lifting up to 6,000 kg) easily handles all types of implements and a 110 l/min closed-centre hydraulic system delivers fast response for loaders and equipment.

Comfort during field operations and in transport is ensured by front axle with independent suspension and mechanical cab suspension. The cabin is up to the highest standards in terms of ergonomics and excellent visibility.

VT-Drive functions are managed by the multi-function armrest and the 12” touchscreen DSM monitor.

In the Medium-Utility segment, McCormick X6 Xtrashift is the perfect choice for mid-sized cattle farms and open field.

Equipped with 4-cylinder 16-valve Deutz AG engines with 3.6-litre displacement and power ratings up to 126 hp, the X6 Series features a DOC + SCR system and benefits from the Engine Memo Switch system that stores and recalls the optimal engine rpm.

The transmission can be configured according to the specific needs of the operator: from the Speed Four with 12 AV + 12 RM hydraulic reverse shuttle to the Xtrashift electro-hydraulic transmission with 48 AV + 16 RM, with H-M-L and Creeper. The power take-off is available with 2 or 4 speeds.

55° steering angle front axle, oil-bath disc brakes and electro-hydraulic 4wd and diff lock engagement assure excellent handling. Major comfort is guaranteed by the new front axle suspension, which improves performance when driving on rough terrain while ensuring maximum grip on each wheel.

Open centre hydraulic pump provides 30l/min for the steering and 60l/min for rear hitch (6,000 kg lifting capacity) and up to 4 spool valves.

The 4-post Deluxe Slim cab, also available with mechanical suspension, offers maximum comfort and visibility. It features ergonomic controls, air-suspended driver seat, climate control and Bluetooth radio system.

The X6 can be equipped with satellite guidance upon request, thanks to an agreement with Topcon Agriculture, and with the ISOBUS system to maximise productivity, profitability, comfort and safety.


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