McCormick tractors, all-round allies

We are used to imagining the tractor in operation only within a defined area of activity: the open field, vineyards, orchards, farms, steep and uneven mountain terrain. Yet agricultural vehicles are also fundamental allies for supporting activities, including clearing roads of snow, which in this period – especially in some parts of Europe – becomes a necessary practice.


Table of contents:

    1. How to use the tractor for snow clearing
    2. Cold outside but warm inside!
    3. The best on the road

How to use the tractor for snow clearing

To be able to use your tractor for snow clearing, it is first of all essential to choose a vehicle that is both stable and agile so that it can be manoeuvred easily even in the most extreme conditions.

McCormick’s open field tractors are the perfect partners for such work in the harshest of seasons: the possibility of attaching the blade at the front of the tractor, the traction on the ground that guarantees grip and thus reduces the risk of slipping, and the flexibility of the multi-utility models are all features that make it possible to choose these vehicles to carry out such demanding work.



When it comes to an entire fleet of McCormick tractors, used for the occasion as snowploughs, Argo Tractors technology proves to be a trump card. With the fleet monitoring and remote diagnostics functions – in an adverse climatic context such as that in which the job is being carried out – the McCormick Fleet Management system allows optimal work to be carried out, safeguarding both operators and vehicles, as it displays the position of the individual tractors (thus discovering if any vehicle is off the planned route) and measures their efficiency by monitoring parameters such as fuel consumption, engine status and hours worked.



In particular, the McCormick X6.414 P6-Drive, awarded at EIMA 2022 as Tractor of The Year 2023 in the Best Utility category, combines versatility, performance and comfort in a single tractor and was awarded this accolade precisely because of the combination of these specifications:

  • the power (145hp) characteristic of the Argo Tractors house brand
  • the flexibility required for this specific demand (and which characterises the X6.4 as a model)
  • the visibility guaranteed by the FOPS-approved roof of the McCormick High Vision Cab with four pillars
  • the technology that combines the PSM “Precision Steering Management” system for satellite guidance, the ISObus system for dialogue with implements and McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management.



Cold outside but warm inside!

McCormick not only makes vehicles that can tackle and solve the problem of snow clearing, but also ensures that they protect the farmer from the elements. The High Vision Cab of the X6.4 P6-Drive offers mechanical suspension, high-quality automotive-derived materials and fully ergonomic control instrumentation with a 12-inch touch-screen monitor and all-in-one multifunction joystick. In addition, a front axle with independent wheel suspension is available to maximise comfort on the road.

Not only is the operator protected, but also heated, when opting for the McCormick Première Cab with which some of the brand’s models are equipped, including the top-of-the-range X8 VT Drive. The seat has dynamic air suspension with automatic height adjustment, but above all it is equipped with heating – an ideal plus in these situations.


The best on the road

It is important to remember that when using your McCormick tractor as a snowplough, you must be sure to have your vehicle registration card and up-to-date technical documents with you, showing that you have the approval to attach the snowplough blade, and that you comply with the regulations regarding on-board signs and flashing lights.

It is also essential to bear in mind the provisions to be maintained when moving, especially on blade handling (raised and lowered) and the use of agricultural diesel fuel.



McCormick dealers are available to provide explanations of the tractor’s technical equipment and current regulations.

Whatever the weather conditions and the operator’s needs, McCormick stands by its customers, with solutions that have always combined vehicle efficiency and human comfort, even when it comes to alternative functions such as snow clearing.


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