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Customization of MyFunctions keys

The new MyFunctions menu allows full customization of tractors controls. The menu enables the operator to configure and save up to five different functions, such as the APS Auto Powershift facility, differential lock, 4WD operation, De-clutch button, PTO, rear hitch fast raise/lower, speed cruise control, one remote valve and headland management. All functions can be monitored on the digital instrument panel or the touch-screen display.

Setting of transmission parameters – VT-Drive

Depending on the task to be performed, four modes of operation can be set for the VT-Drive transmission. Each mode is intuitively activated from the transmission control unit using the hand throttle and the PTO:
1. Auto Mode – The electronic unit controls the engine rpm and transmission ratio, based on the parameters set on the potentiometer, in order to achieve the required speed.
2. Manual Mode – The operator sets the engine speed using the hand throttle. The electronic unit controls the transmission ratio in order to achieve the required speed.
3. PTO Mode – The operator sets the engine speed using the hand throttle. The electronic unit controls the transmission ratio in order to achieve the required speed, while keeping the PTO speed constant.
4. Cruise Mode – The operator selects the tractor travel speed which remains constant.
The menu also displays the speed droop adjustment via the transmission potentiometer.

Setting of remote valve parameters via the Remote Valve menu- MyAVC

The user-friendly DSM touch-screen display allows the user to:

  • Lock the remote valve against unintentional activation
  • Adjust the flow rate on both outlets through a numeric keypad
  • Set a timer to allow the use of a remote valve as hydraulic motor
  • Specify the control that controls the remote valve through the menu
  • Set the valve’s operating mode and sensitivity through advanced hydraulic functions

Advanced settings are also available to adjust remote valve control sensitivity, valve response delay and valve change-over mechanism


The MyHMF menu allows the user to set up the headland management sequences by choosing from the various functions available via the user-friendly configuration menu on the DSM touch-screen monitor. Selectable options include:

  • desired function
  • position within the sequence
  • duration
  • sequence name

Headland management sequences can be created by the user while the tractor is stationary or can be stored automatically during headland turn manoeuvres.

Three modes of operation are available for each of the above function:

  • Step
  • Time
  • Time 1+2


The cab of the X7.6 VT-Drive Stage V tractor features a restyled roof with up to 12 conveniently-placed LED work lights providing full all-round visibility for night-time operation. The MyLights menu on the DSM touch-screen monitor allows the operator to configure two modes of operation for the 20 work lights by selecting from various lighting modes based on direction of travel and steering angle. The Home timer function allows the user to select the headlight exit delay time. The set time will allow the tractor’s lights to stay on for the length of time required for the driver to get out of the vehicle and go inside.


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