X8 VT-Drive

X8 VT-Drive

McCormick X8 technology at full throttle

The new McCormick X8 is a tractor range designed to meet the most demanding needs of large farms and full-time agricultural contractors and sets the benchmark worldwide for technology, power, reliability and comfort.

Choosing McCormick means working with a partner that offers uncompromising technology, power and reliability.


6,7/ 6


273 313



The X8 embodies strength and style all in one. Sleek, dynamic lines give the tractor an aggressive yet classy look. The functional design of the sloping bonnet with its rounded sides further improves front visibility. Designed with utmost attention to every detail, the X8 makes farmers and contractors excited and proud to drive it.

CLEVER CAB: your new office in the first class

Our new Clever Cab welcomes you on board of McCormick high-power tractors. Beautiful, spacious, quiet and functional, the Clever Cab offers a working environment where every detail is cared for with the highest level of attention to give you unmatched performance.

With 14 percent more glass area, the new four-post cab of the X8 provides superb, unobstructed vision in all directions. The interior is more spacious than ever before and the controls are ergonomically designed according to anthropometric principles, servo assisted and user-friendly. The low round fenders further improve visibility to the sides of the vehicle. The 12-inch tablet-like touch screen monitor allows for simple and intuitive operation. Twenty adjustable full LED work lights provide full all-round visibility, while up to two relocatable rearview cameras allow the driver to monitor blind spots from the cab, making for improved safety and easy implement attachment.

The new Clever Cab offers more space for the operator. The clever four-post design has increased the glazed area by 14 per cent to allow full view of the implements and of the entire work area. Interior space has also been increased, particularly in the area around the chest and head of the driver, with 8 cm extra height. The seat travel has been extended by 12 cm towards the rear side. Storage areas are all built in to keep the working space uncluttered.

Wide, well-spaced steps, large doors and a fold-away buddy seat make access to the cab easy and safe. In addition, the daytime running lights integrated into the new headlamps and delayed light switch off ensure safe entry and exit at night.

To make the farmer’s work less tiring, McCormick has developed Cab Suspension, a new electrohydraulic semi-active cab suspension system which isolates the tractor body from wheel vibrations induced by uneven ground conditions. Cab Suspension increases tractor stability on all terrains, enhancing ride comfort.

FPT NEF 67 engines: plenty of pulling power in the field

The X8 tractors are powered by new FPT NEF 67 6.7-litre, 6-cylinder turbo intercooled engines with multivalve technology and electronic common rail injection system. The eVGT variable-geometry turbocharger provides optimum engine performance and fast response to load changes. The maximum torque is available already at 1400 rpm. The HI-eSCR2 exhaust gas aftertreatment system ensures compliance with Stage V emissions regulations. The X8 range comprises two models:

  • X8.627 VT-Drive with 273/201 hp/kW.
  • X8.631 VT-Drive with 313/230 hp/kW.

The engine is located within a rugged chassis which helps reduce noise and vibration levels within the cab. The electronically controlled Viscotronic fan improves engine cooling efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and noise. The new FPT NEF 67 is an advanced engine designed to offer farmers simplicity, reliability and durability.

 X8.627 VT DRIVE  X8.631 VT DRIVE
Max power (ISO/TR 14396) hp / kW 273/201 313/230
Engine speed at max power rpm 1900 1900
Max torque at 1400 rpm  Nm 1132 1282
Manufacturer FPT FPT
Engine type - Installation NEF 67 - iso-mounted engine on cast iron chassis NEF 67 - iso-mounted engine on cast iron chassis
Cylinders / Displacement / Valves 6 / 6,7 l / 24 6 / 6,7 l / 24


VT-Drive the continuously varying transmission

Powerful and versatile, the X8 tractor will handle all kinds of tasks and field conditions efficiently. The VT-Drive continuously variable transmission is designed to cater to the needs of modern agriculture. Combining the FPT NEF 67 engine with the VT-Drive four-stage continuously variable transmission with four planetary gear trains and oil-cooled clutches, the X8 provides fast acceleration and excellent responsiveness, making work easier and more efficient. The VT-Drive transmission offers four speed ranges with advance speeds from 40 m/h to 50 km/h for maximum productivity in any application.

The VT-Drive transmission features four operating modes:

  1. Auto Mode - The electronic unit adjusts the engine rpm and transmission ratio according to the potentiometer settings to achieve the required speed.
  2. Manual Mode -The operator sets the engine speed using the hand throt[1]tle. The electronic unit adjusts the transmission ratio to achieve the required speed.
  3. PTO Mode - The operator sets the engine speed using the hand throttle. The electronic unit adjusts the transmission ratio to achieve the required speed with the PTO activated.
  4. Cruise Mode - The operator selects the tractor travel speed which remains constant.

Hydraulic system is tailored to your needs

The X8 tractors feature a closed centre hydraulicy sytems with variable displacement pump. This means that the pump always delivers exactly the quantity of oil that the system requires, thereby eliminating unnecessary power waste. The system supplies 160 l/min to the hitch and remote valves and 115 l/min to the electronic steering system, allowing for simultaneous operation of all hydraulic functions. A pump with up to 212 l/min flow rate is also available to provide high-flow capability. The X8 can be fitted with up to eleven electrohydraulic remote valves: six at the rear, with a 3-way flow divider with six push-pull quick-couplers; three at the rear, including one dedicated to the front hitch; and two mid-mounted for the use of a front loader. The system, equipped with high-quality components and fully customisable controls, is electronically controlled and can be configured from the touch screen display. All these hydraulic features allow farmers and contractors to easily tailor their tractor to their specific needs and preferences.

Dimensions and weights

Wheelbase mm 3000 3000
Shipping weight - measured with average specifications Kg 11000 11000
Gross vehicle weight Kg 16000 16000
Max front and rear tire size - (Index Radius -IR) mm 650/65R34 (RI 775) - 900/60R42 (RI 1025) 650/65R34 (RI 775) - 900/60R42 (RI 1025)


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