The X5 HC tractor, the true horticultural specialist

The X5 HC is McCormick untiring specialty tractor for vegetable crops. Designed for superior comfort and productivity, the X5 HC tractor is ideally suited for planting, fertilizing, irrigating and harvesting vegetables, fruits, corn, rice and other crops.

Specialty tractor for vegetable crops


3,6/ 4


95 102


Speed Four

Featuring large-diameter equal-sized wheels with narrow tyres, the X5 HC tractor can achieve a ground clearance of up to 700 mm. The added clearance protects delicate crops minimising potential contact damage. The tractor also provides minimal soil compaction and with its impressive agility and small turning radius makes manoeuvring at headlands and in tight spaces easier than ever. The narrow tyres are type-approved for road transport. The X5 HC is available with two power outputs, 95 hp and 102 hp.

The Total View Slim cab

The driving comfort for the operator has been improved thanks to the suspended front axle option which, combined with the new mechanically-suspended cab, allows the vehicle to better tackle uneven terrain, while at the same time providing greater safety and comfort under all working conditions. Thanks to its 4-pillar structure, the Total View Slim cab offers a maximised glazed area in order to provide a 360° field of vision, thus facilitating work in tight spaces, even at night thanks to the new LED lights (up to 10). The transparent hatch also provides greater visibility when using the front loader.

Boasting a captivating design and functional instrumentation, the cab’s interior features a perfect automotive-style appearance, with excellent air conditioning. The features include a reclining and telescopic steering wheel, ergonomic and intuitive controls, and a DAB and Bluetooth radio with a built-in hands-free microphone.

FPT F36 Engine

The new FPT F36 4-cylinder, 16-valve, 3.6-litre, Turbo Intercooler engines with Common Rail electronic injection are equipped with EGR/DOC/DPF/SCR technology. The exhaust gas treatment system is integrated under the bonnet, thus ensuring maximum visibility from the driver’s seat.

The diesel tank’s capacity has been increased to 135 litres, with an AdBlue® tank of 13 litres, thus ensuring greater daily performance with a 10% reduction in fuel consumption and decreased emissions.

X5.100 HC X5.110 HC
Manufacturer FPT FPT
Max power (97/68/EC - ISO TR 14396) hp/kW 95.2/70 102/75
Max. Torque  at 1400 rpm Nm 395 430
Cylinders / Displacement / Valves 4 / 3.6 L / 16 4 / 3.6 L / 16


Speed Four transmission

Eight possible transmission configurations are available to handle any working conditions. These range from a Four Speed 12 F + 12 R with mechanical reverse shuttle, to a T-Tronic 48 F + 16 R with Hi-Medium-Low, hydraulic reverse shuttle and creeper. The Park Lock option, a transmission locking system on steep slopes, is also available on the McCormick X5. For efficiency purposes, the Common Rail engine ensures the precise delivery of the fuel required, and works in conjunction with the Memo Switch Engine, which stores and recalls the ideal engine speed for the implement being utilised.

The hydraulic system is configured precisely for your needs

It features up to 6 hydraulic spool valves, of which 3 are mechanically controlled and 1 is electrically controlled and, as an option, 2 can be mid-mounted for front hitch and front loader purposes, which can even be combined together. There are four spool valves: standard, kick-out, floating and hydraulic motor, with versatile and customisable configurations. The optional flow selector allows managing up to 7 hydraulic connectors.


X5.100 HC X5.110 HC
Wheelbase   mm 2355 2355
Max length with front weights - Track width (min - max) mm 2870 - measured with tyres 9.5R48 - 9.5R48 2870 - measured with tyres 9.5R48 - 9.5R48
Max lenght with front ballast - Max overall width mm 4400 - (1782-2542) - measured with tyres 9.5R48 4WD 4400 - (1782-2542) - measured with tyres 9.5R48 4WD
Height from cab roof to rear axle centre mm 2070 2070
Shipping weight - measured with average specs  Kg 4300 4300
Gross vehicle weight Kg 6000 6000



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