Front Loaders

Front Loaders

McCormick front loaders: always one step ahead

McCormick is committed to constantly improving the performance of its equipment and to set the benchmark for uncompromising quality and design in front loader construction. True to its tradition of excellence, McCormick has developed five new ranges of front-end loaders that will surprise you with their strength, clean design and performance. Designed to be fully compatible with the entire range of McCormick tractors – from the 47-hp X2 model to the 310-hp X8 model – this new lineup of front loaders is built with versatility in mind and will cover a variety of agricultural and forestry applications as well as municipal tasks like the maintenance of green areas and snow removal during the winter months. Sturdy and efficient, the new front loaders from McCormick offer a number of advantages: excellent levelling accuracy for reduced operator stress and fatigue, higher lift capacity, higher reach. Careful attention has been paid to every detail: the loader is painted with a Red Spirit high-quality paint designed to withstand severe weather conditions and hard wear and is packed and shipped with utmost care to avoid damage.

McCormick front loaders: world-class performance





To ensure maximum efficiency for a variety of handling, transport and maintenance applications, McCormick front loaders are offered with a wide range of implements including light-material buckets, earth buckets, multi-material buckets, manure forks, round bale forks and pallet forks. Striving to be always one step ahead of competition, McCormick designs and manufactures its front loaders, implements and components to the highest quality standards to ensure top performance and long-lasting reliability in any situation.

With their sturdy construction, efficient performance and aggressive design, our front-end loaders are the perfect match for your McCormick tractor. Designed to enhance your tractor’s efficiency and productivity, the McCormick front loaders offer multiple advantages to farmers. Each loader comes fitted with a push-pull adaptor or a Faster multi-coupler. The brackets are designed to distribute the weight over three points: at the front, middle and rear of the loader. This design provides even weight distribution across the entire tractor, thereby reducing the load and, consequently, the wear and tear on the front axle.

Velotak System for easy loader mounting and removal

At McCormick they know there is no true efficiency without true comfort. Based on this assumption, McCormick has developed the Velotak system, an innovative quick-attach/detach system that allows the operator to mount and remove the loader from the tractor in a few seconds by simply moving a lever, without the aid of tools. The loader parking stands can be adjusted with millimetre precision, enabling easy mounting and removal on any terrain or slope. Locking and unlocking positions are marked by coloured stickers. The Velotak system makes the operator’s work easier and faster, thereby reducing stress and improving productivity.

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