Table of contents:

          1. Caring for the soil is a benefit to us all
          2. Precision farming with McCormick: the technologies of the future
          3. McCormick X6: a concentration of precision farming and power

Caring for the soil is a benefit to us all

Soil fertilisation, which follows harrowing, is an essential agricultural practice: it is in fact the act of nourishing the soil through manure – organic fertiliser – restoring its fertility. This age old practice is fundamental for increasing production in qualitative-quantitative terms, because it allows the soil to make the plants grow stronger so that they are better able to defend themselves against pests and/or adverse climates.

Properly fertilised soil is therefore the basis for a productive, high quality harvest.


Precision farming with McCormick: the technologies of the future

Precision farming is a management system based on responding to the real needs of crops, which takes into account the space and time required for different plots of land, intervening with tailored agricultural solutions according to their respective peculiarities.

This system uses state-of-the-art technology to support the farmer in working the land, improving quality and productivity.

One of these innovations is the variable rate: a soil mapping system – the basis for precision fertilisation – which allows fertiliser to be dosed according to vegetative stages but also to specific plants. Thanks to prescription maps – based on data processed either by sensors that detect the state of the crops as well as the chemical-physical characteristics of the soil in real time or by remote sensing during previous harvests – it is possible on the one hand to modulate the distribution of nutrients and on the other hand to avoid excessive nutrient distribution while saving time and costs. Furthermore, users can protect the well-being of the vegetation.

With a view not only to technology but also to sustainability, the satellite guidance of McCormick tractors and the related ISObus system to communicate with the equipment, help reduce chemical residues by selectively fertilising only the plot that will be seeded later. This is identified thanks to the automatic guidance map system.


McCormick X6: a concentration of precision farming and power

The McCormick X6 tractor is a hallmark of Argo Tractors’ technology applied to precision farming, ideal for fertilising.

Power and technology, versatility and manoeuvrability combined in a single vehicle. This is the answer for farmers who need agility in transport and front loader operations and open field work such as soil fertilisation.

There are several features that make the McCormick X6 the perfect tractor for working on land to be fertilised:

  • The 38″ rear wheel, that provides more ground clearance and better traction thanks to its excellent power-to-weight ratio, allows excellent transport even in mountainous and hilly areas.
  • The M30 front loader is controlled by a new dedicated ergonomic joystick, an ideal combination of focus on the operator and increased productivity.
  • The suspended front axle gives the tractor an agile and robust set-up that benefits from reliability and stability on all types of terrain.
  • The electronically controlled category 2 rear power lift with 6,000 kg capacity gives power and ease of manoeuvre.
  • The driver’s well-being is taken care of by the 4-pillar cab, which is designed to provide a protected working environment and excellent noise insulation: the visibility of the workplace is increased to 360 degrees, the mechanical suspension absorbs vibrations and the controls are ergonomically positioned.
  • The 3.6-litre, 4-cylinder and 16-valve FPT F36 Turbo Intercooler engine with Common Rail electronic injection, boasts excellent traction and high elasticity, enhanced by a torque of 518 Nm at 1,300 rpm. Longer maintenance intervals increase efficiency on the one hand and save money and time on the other.
  • The Stage V homologation complies perfectly with anti-pollution regulations, guaranteeing optimal work for people and the environment.


The McCormick X6‘s special features do not end here, but also include a 110 l/min hydraulic circuit and 36+12 or 48+16 transmission with Power Shuttle.


With McCormick, technological innovation starts from the basics of farming to completely improve work and increase productivity, without ever compromising on style and power.


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