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          1. Soil preparation, the basics for quality work
          2. McCormick’s open field range: versatility, power and precision

Soil preparation, the basics for quality work

Autumn is the ploughing season: the field and the focus on its well-being become central aspects of the farmer’s work. Productivity requires taking care of the soil in order to prepare it as well as possible for sowing, with the aim of obtaining a harvest that achieves its objectives.

Among the activities that are fundamental to achieving this goal is harrowing, which comes after the ploughing. It consists of working the soil as a finishing touch before the time for sowing, by levelling and breaking up the earth displaced by the plough using the harrow tool and thus preparing the field.



Harrowing is essential for sowing, but that is not all: it is used to bury volatile herbicides and/or fertilisers, but also to remove weeds – for example – in orchards and vineyards.

The harrow is an implement that can be mounted on McCormick’s open field tractors to carry out this work. In particular, mounting the rotary harrow on McCormick’s X6.4, X7 and X8 ranges means combining the power and effectiveness of the Argo Tractors family brand with the precision of the implement.


McCormick’s open field range: versatility, power and precision

McCormick makes power its workhorse, with tractor lines featuring unmistakable design and performance. For preparation of the land, which is essential at this time of year, McCormick’s range of open field tractors offers different options to suit the most diverse needs of the farmer or contractor, both in terms of size and power.

The mechatronic and hydraulic power offered on these models makes it easy to handle operations such as soil preparation, sowing, haymaking and shed work.

There are several features that make McCormick’s open field tractors ideal partners for soil harrowing, let’s take a quick look at the highlights for each model.



McCormick X6.4 P6-Drive Stage V: the perfect partner for the open field

Conceived, designed and built for those seeking the combination of versatility, performance and comfort in the open field (and beyond), the McCormick X6.4 P6-Drive Stage V range is packed with innovations.

  • McCormick High Visibility Cab: the cab which is the ideal combination of design and ergonomics. It features a FOPS-approved panoramic roof, hatch for natural ventilation and equipped with 14 LED lights, 8 of which are integrated on the roof to optimise vision even at night. All controlled via a 12-inch touch-screen monitor and an all-in-one multifunction joystick.
  • Stage V compliant FPT NEF 45 engines with the DOC, DPF and SCR exhaust gas post-treatment system.
  • Argo Tractors P6-Drive transmission: with 6 Power Shift gears and 4 robotised ranges offering 24 + 24 ratios, which rise to 40 + 40 when a creeper is fitted.



McCormick X7.6: never again will you have to choose between power and comfort

McCormick X7.6: the tractor that meets the needs and requirements of modern farms and contractors who really want to bring innovation to the field.

  • Renewed design: the aggressive lines and compact nature of McCormick’s styling combine with the highest standards of ergonomics to create a model with an even more comfortable cab. A roof that can accommodate 12 LED work lights positioned to ensure all-round visibility.
  • Traction and manoeuvrability on any terrain: thanks to the chassis-mounted engine and the strong front axle with independent wheels, as well as the high grip and stability it maintains in all working conditions, on slopes and any terrain.
  • Première Cab: a work station that perfectly embodies the focus on the operator, because it is large, with details inspired by the automotive world, from the panoramic visibility to the soundproofing, from the semi-active electro-hydraulic suspension, to the steering wheel and dashboard that are electrically adjustable in inclination and depth, from the right armrest that groups all the main controls, to the joystick and 12” touch-screen DSM monitor.



McCormick X8 VT-Drive: design, technology and power in a single partner


A single McCormick tractor with a bold and unmistakable design in two power models: X8.627 and X8.631, with 264 and 310 horsepower respectively. Here, innovation combines with ergonomics to create cutting-edge technical specifications:

McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management: system for monitoring the main activities of the tractor fleet remotely which, thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) protocols, makes useful information such as geolocation, consumption, levels, temperatures and work sessions available via PC or mobile device, ensuring immediate action in the event of any problems.

Joystick EasyPilot: an important innovation that combines ergonomics and efficiency, allowing intuitive management of the transmission, as well as hitch, PTO, hydraulic and headland functions, which can be customised using MyFunctions buttons directly from the DSM monitor.

Larger hydraulic system: closed-centre with 157 l/min load-sensing pump (a larger 212 l/min pump is available as an option) capable of handling up to ten electro-hydraulically controlled spool valves (6 rear) with 140 l/min capacity.  To these is added a 3-way diverter valve capable of managing three hydraulic movements using a single hydraulic spool valve.



Several McCormick models, all perfectly capable of delivering performance, comfort and reliability for the farmer, leaving plenty of scope for customisation according to the needs of the land and the operator. The commitment of the Argo Tractors brand is always focused on the balance between the well-being of the driver and the terrain, designing vehicles that work best in all phases of field life.



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