Shaker Equipment Hosts RED POWER DAYS

With spring time just around the corner, things are about to get busy in the world of farming.  No one knows this better than Daniel Smith of Shaker Equipment Sales in Auburn, KY.  With a display lot full of McCormick tractors, and other farm equipment, Daniel is ready for the start of the growing season.

And to kick things off right, Shaker Equipment held their first RED POWER DAYS event of the year on February 26th, 2015.  Designed as a cross between a customer appreciation day and a product showcase, RED POWER DAYS brought in a big crowd with big expectations.  “I invited my customers to come out and see the new tractors from McCormick, get behind the wheel and drive these machines, and have a nice lunch as well,” says Daniel.  “We have a lot of new tractors out this year, and this event is a great opportunity to show them off just before things get busy.”

With a little support from the McCormick home office and McCormick Credit, Shaker Equipment put on one heck of a show.  Over 150 people attended to see the new tractors from McCormick, which include five new tractor series, and over 20 new models.  Multiple machines were on display in an inside venue with nearby lunch and refreshments.  Outside, customers were encouraged to get in a drive a number of different tractors in a driving course.  “This is a big deal for us,” says Daniel.  “It keeps us in touch with our customers, and reminds them that Shaker Equipment is there for them with the right products and services to support their needs.”

Daniel Smith and his family own Shaker Equipment, a McCormick tractor dealership located at 13052 Bowling Green Road, Auburn, KY  42206.  (270) 542-4957.


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