McCormick Shines at 2015 National Farm Machinery Show


Duluth, GA, Feb. 23, 2015 – McCormick tractors stood a step above the rest of the exhibitors at the 2015 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY, with a booth completely full of all-new tractors.  It was the perfect platform to display the product developments and changes that are coming from a growing agricultural company.  On display were nine tractor models representing a complete makeover of the McCormick product offering for 2015, with every model having been introduced within only the last 12 months.

The first of these products is the X4 Series, a 61 to 102 HP range that will take over in the smaller frame utility class tractor segment.  This single series has a wide offering of features and specifications that make it truly more versatile.

Six different models of the X4 Series are available in platform or cab variants. Each model can be accessorized to suit the customers' requirements, from entry level to high specification and comfort level.

The three smallest models, from 61 to 75 HP, use a 2.9 liter 4-cylinder Tier 4i engine, while the larger 85 to 101 HP models are equipped with a 3.6 liter 4-cylinder Tier 4i engine.  All tractors meet the stringent emissions regulations using a “No Maintenance” emissions system.  Without a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to regenerate, there is less cost and maintenance over time.  For the life of the tractor, just put in fuel and drive.

The X4 Series also features a new 12 x 12 shuttle transmission built by McCormick.  This can be fitted with a creeper, synchro or power shuttle, and hi-lo power shift capabilities.  The 4wd front axle can include a fully locking front differential and integrated front brakes, giving exceptional traction and performance.  A 2-speed rear PTO offers both 540 and 1000 RPM capability with push button engagement for versatility and ease of use.

At the rear of the tractor, specifications include a mechanical or electronic three point linkage and an impressive 8598 lb lift capacity.  Open center hydraulics deliver up to 15 gpm of flow to the three rear remote valves.

McCormick is also launching the new X6 Series, which is the modern day evolution of the successful X60 Series and the venerable MC Series of yesterday.  It includes two models in a 4wd cab configuration only, with 111 and 121 HP.  A 4.5-liter BETAPOWER diesel engine equipped with the innovative SCR technology delivers big power and performance with low fuel consumption and emissions.

PowerPlus boosts the power output of the engine under certain conditions (up to 12 additional HP) to help charge through tough work on the farm.

The X6 range incorporates the modern, family look and style of other McCormick tractors, particularly the new cab which is inspired by the flagship X7 Series tractors.  The X6 tractors feature a 36 x 12 transmission with 3 power shift speeds, a 4wd front axle with fully locking differential and integrated front brakes, 540/1000 RPM rear PTO, and electronically controlled rear lift.  Customers have a choice of a simple, economical open center hydraulic system with 17 gpm of flow, or the robust closed center system that provides up to 29 gpm of hydraulic flow to implements, instantly and on demand.

Though it was initially launched at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show, the X7 Series was a big hit that drew a lot of attention from farmers around the country.  The expanded X7 lineup marks the beginning of a new era for McCormick products by introducing a fully automated 24 x 24 power shift and power shuttle transmission from ZF, a world-renowned manufacturer of reliable, high quality drive train systems.  Incorporating the comfort, technology, and performance demanded by professional farmers, the X7 Series has the tools to maximize productivity day in and day out.

Five models in the X7 Series range from 143 to 188 HP (212 HP with Power Plus).  The two smaller models use a 4.5 liter 4-cylinder BETAPOWER diesel engine, while the three larger ones boast a 6.7 liter 6-cylinder power plant in a cast steel frame.  All engines feature efficient, reliable SCR emissions technology for performance and fuel economy.

The spacious 4-post cab with two doors and flat food deck sits up high with a bird’s eye view in all directions.  A deluxe air-suspended seat and abundance of creature comforts will invite the operator to climb inside, and will make long working days in the field seem shorter and less tiring.  Machine controls are ergonomically arranged for easy identification and reach, with most major tractor functions residing in the seat armrest that moves with the driver for convenient control in all conditions.  Customers can customize the machine’s operation to fit a specific need or suit a variety of applications.

Additional comfort and performance features, such as front axle and cab suspension with 50 kph transport capability, make this a true contender in today’s professional producer market place.

Last, but certainly not least, is the new X1 Series compact lineup from McCormick.  Three models range from 24 to 47 HP, and offer customers different configurations to suit the needs of the job at hand.  The small frame X1.25 model offers either an economical, mechanical gearbox or user-friendly 2-range hydrostatic transmission.  A 3-cylinder diesel engine delivers the power and performance needed to perform a wide range of chores around the farm or homestead.  T increase versatility, the X1.25 can be equipped with a front loader or mid-mount belly mower.

The larger X1.35 and X1.45 generate 35 and 47 HP respectively.  Boasting a common, heavy duty chassis and operator’s station, these machines offer rock solid performance without compromise.  3 and 4-cylinder diesel engines generate power and torque to tackle the toughest of jobs, and the mechanical 12 x 12 shuttle transmission can handle loader work with ease.  Both are available in the popular open station ROPS configuration, while the X1.45 offers an enclosed cab packed full of features for those wanting the highest level of comfort.  A heavy-lifting rear 3-point hitch and 2-speed rear PTO allow these machines to handle a wide variety of implements to further improve versatility.

But, McCormick isn’t done yet.  New products are on the horizon, with two more line-ups ready to be unveiled shortly:  the X5 Series and X6L Series .  More information on these two new series is coming.  And, more tractors are on the way…

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