Maintain your best tractor performance with genuine OEM lubricants


Lubricating oils are a key component of your tractor. Engine, transmission, final drives: many mechanical parts require regular  lubrication and each of them needs a specific lubricant that must be replaced at predefined intervals.

To get the utmost performance out of your tractor, you need to use the right lubricating oil. This is why we created lubricants designed specifically for your McCormick tractor and tested them to ensure that mechanical components last longer, to reduce wear and tear and avoid failure. So you can get the utmost performance, with less consumption.

Lubricants must never be contaminated by adding non-genuine oils with different specifications that may not meet those specifications required and approved by Argo Tractors.

Genuine lubricants are designed to give you peace of mind: if you change oil at the specified intervals, your tractor life will last longer. Exhaustive information on oil change intervals is available in the operator’s manual.

Genuine lubricants for maximum performance

Lubricating oils for tractors must be formulated to meet the latest specifications. Their purpose is to guarantee maximum performance and protect mechanical components from the effects of prolonged use.

Tractors can be exposed to high loads and are used mainly on rough ground, where operating conditions are much heavier than on paved roads.

Therefore, the main purpose of lubricants is to keep the tractor in good condition by reducing the main stresses:

  1. wear due to frictioncaused by prolonged fretting of metal parts against each other;
  2. overheating of components;
  3. build-up of residuethat can lead to corrosion or foul mechanical components.

For guaranteed optimal results, lubricants are formulated with mineral or synthetic base oil added with additives that are classified according to their main functions: viscosity improvers, detergents, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors antioxidants and other types of additives necessary to keep your tractor in good working order.
McCormick offers you an exhaustive range of lubricants specifically designed and engineered in conjunction with tractors for their specific needs.

The advantages of using genuine cutting-edge lubricants

When you use genuine, cutting-edge lubricants, your tractor will be able to better withstand the stresses it is exposed to, even under high loading, in heavy-duty, prolonged service.
Choosing genuine lubricants designed for your tractor gives you a number of advantages:

  1. you will get better performance at lower operating costs;
  2. you will save on special maintenance because components will withstand wear and tear better and age more slowly, extending your tractor’s life;
  3. you will protect mechanical components from wear and achieve optimum performance. This improves fuel economy;
  4. genuine lubricants retain their properties longer, making for longer oil change intervals.

It should not be underestimated that greater efficiency translates into lower emissions, helping you meet environmental standards.
Who can help you protect your tractor better than the people who built it? Always use genuine McCormick lubricants.

To find out which product best suits your needs, contact your McCormick dealer.

McCormick lubricants

McCormick offers you the right lubricant for every model and every part of your tractor. All products have been tested to ensure the utmost reliability and efficiency when used in McCormick models.

Discover the exhaustive range of lubricants for your tractor: engine, transmission, differential, final drive oils; hydraulic and brake fluids; greases and protective fluids for radiators.


Lubricants for McCormick tractors

To help your engine run at maximum efficiency, saving on fuel and reducing pollutant emissions, it is essential that you use the engine lubricants from the Solea product line. Solea is especially suited to protect your tractor’s engine from wear and tear and eliminate deposits and fouling.

With selected mineral and/or synthetic bases and cutting-edge additives, Solea lets you cut down operating costsreducing fuel consumption and extending oil change intervals.

Lubricants specifically designed for McCormick tractor transmissions

The Vela product range is specifically designed to lubricate your tractor’s transmissions, for guaranteed maximum efficiency and reliability.
Vela lubricants can also be used for front or rear final drives, disc brakes, wet clutches and the whole hydraulic system of the tractor.

Anti-freeze products for McCormick tractors

Murex is the line of McCormick anti-freeze products. It features a boiling point higher than that of water (up to +109°C) and a freezing point that can drop as low as -40°C.
Formulated with rust, oxidation, corrosion and scale inhibitor additives, the Murex line is perfect for protecting your tractor’s cooling system

Gear lubricants for McCormick tractors

Carina is the line of lubricants designed for final drives, manual transmissions and differentials.

Its specific additives prevent wear, pitting, corrosion, chipping, sticking and seizing. Carina comes in different viscosity grades to suit your specific needs associated with different operating temperatures.

Steering system lubricants for McCormick tractors

Alcor is the special range of anti-wear hydraulic oils with very high viscosity rating, ideal for automatic power transmission systems and hydraulic systems. This product line guarantees high performance under all operating conditions, even under heavy loading in a broad range of operating temperatures.
The Alcor range offers you excellent wear protection and helps you prevent the formation of sludge and deposits as well as providing corrosion protection.

Lubricants for the hydraulic brake systems of McCormick tractors

For the brake systemMcCormick offers you Aza, the range of special synthetic fluids to ensure the high performance and safety of the braking system.

Greases for the grease points of McCormick tractors

For those applications where liquid lubricants do not offer adequate protection, we offer you the Gena grease range of high quality EP greases (EP stands for Extreme Pressure).

Easy to apply, they require low maintenance and provide sealing action. Oxidation resistant, they will not soften or harden even under high operating loads.

McCormick offers you an exhaustive range of lubricants for every component part of your tractor, designed with each McCormick model in mind. Your tractor will provide you with efficient, high-performance operation, to work longer with full peace of mind.

To find out which product best suits your needs, contact your McCormick dealer.


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