Day 10 – Victoria West -Prieska

The day sets off to a good start, with a breakfast even bigger than usual. We have eventyally got used to having eggs, bacon and sausage at 7 am, especially since there’s the (very real) risk of not having time to stop for lunch. The owner of the guesthouse, a sprightly old lady, is frying panful after panful of all sorts of goodies while crooning Italian songs out loud in our honour. We make a hasty escape before getting indigestion. We are looking forward to driving along dirt roads all day today, which cheers us up even more. The stormy sky above lends an eerie feel to the arid plain dotted with thorny bushes. Big menacing clouds roll in In force, and soon the cataracts open and rain pours down in buckets. Massive as we are, it’s no big deal. Actually, this is a blessing in disguise – it’s nice and cool, no glare, no dust.
Near perfect conditions! Then the sky clears and all the downpour leaves behind is puddles as big and deep as lakes. Fun to drive through at full speed. We reach our destination covered in mud, but more clouds are gathering in the distance. Another deluge tonight would be most welcome.


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