New X7.6 P6-Drive: maximum performance and configurability

Innovation, style, comfort and configurability. These are the features that put the X7.6 P6-Drive range at the top of the market in McCormick’s medium-high power segment.

With this in-depth look, you can discover the new technical features and practical field applications of a range that meets all the needs of the modern farm.

McCormick X7.6: efficiency to the nth degree
New Stage V Engines
Technical specifications
— The P6-DRIVE transmission
— PTO, hydraulic system and hitch
— Semi-Active Cab
— ISOBUS satellite guidance
X7.6 P6-Drive range: all applications

McCormick X7.6: efficiency to the nth degree

X7.6 identifies the 6-cylinder X7 family, designed and built to meet the needs of today’s most demanding modern farms and contractors. The new design, which is even more aggressive and enveloping and the spacious cab with simple, ergonomic controls meet the standards of perfect automotive style.

Equipped with Stage V engines, the range combines the objectives of ease of use and maximum operating efficiency.
These features add to the very high levels of performance and reliability of this range in all types of open field work.

New Stage V Engines

The new X7.6 P6-Drive range consists of 3 models X7.620 – X7.621 – X7.623, with power ratings of up to 225 HP with PowerPlus.

In order to guarantee power and traction in every situation, McCormick has relied on the tried and tested FPT Nef 67 engine, Beta Power Fuel Efficiency model, with Stage V emissions thanks to the Hi-eSCR 2 system. Here are the advantages:

  1. The engines are supported by a robust cast iron frame that isolates the cab from vibration and noise
  2. Engine cooling is provided by the electronically controlled viscotronic fan, standard on the X7.6 range
  3. As well as increasing cooling efficiency and reducing engine noise, this solution also helps to reduce fuel consumption

The new Beta Power Fuel Efficiency is a truly evolved engine, capable of offering professionals great ease of maintenance combined with maximum reliability and durability.
The Power Plus system controls variations in engine torque load, eliminating power loss; it is activated when using the power take-off or during transport and this increases the engine’s maximum power and ensures constant speed.

Technical specifications


The P6-DRIVE transmission

The main component of the range is the P6-Drive transmission, which features

  • 6 Powershift gears under load and 5 ranges
  • robotic range shifting
  • electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle on the steering wheel

The total gears are 30 Forward + 15 Reverse which become, with the super gearbox, 54 Forward + 27 Reverse. In countries where it is permitted, the X7.6 can travel at 50 km/h at reduced engine speed.

Multi-function joystick

With the P6-Drive transmission, the Oil Cut Off system manages the braking system more efficiently, ensuring better performance on the road and a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

The P6-Drive transmission is controlled with the simple and ergonomic EasyPilot joystick, which allows gears and ranges to be engaged without using the clutch pedal. By pressing the shift button, engagement times are unnoticeable, which means that optimum traction is always available, whether working in the field or during transport.
The joystick offers everything required to drive the tractor and operate the implements.

MyFunctions is the new menu which, via the DSM monitor, allows 5 functions to be configured and stored, for great customisation of the controls. Focus is always given to working comfort with the new, ergonomic arrangement of the controls on the armrest.
The 5 MyFunctions buttons allow up to 5 functions to be configured, including the following

  • APS Auto Powershift
  • differential lock
  • 4WD engagement and disengagement
  • De-Clutch
  • Power Take-Off
  • Reversing
  • Engine speed cruise control
  • control of hydraulic spool valves and control for end-of-field operations

Each function can be controlled on the digital display of the dashboard or on the DSM.

Smart APS Auto Powershift automatic transmission

On the entire X7.6 range, the P6-Drive transmission is either manual or automatic. The Smart APS Auto Powershift function automatically selects the most suitable gear, based on load, speed and engine speed. For simple and safe driving that always achieves the best balance between high performance and low fuel consumption.

Stop & Action System

The Stop & Action system integrates the De-Clutch into the brake pedal, stopping the tractor without pressing the clutch and without using the reverse shuttle. The simultaneous use of the Stop & Action and APS systems allows the P6-Drive transmission to be driven in a similar way as the continuously variable transmission version.

PTO, hydraulic system and hitch

The McCormick X7.6’s hydraulic system is closed-centre with a variable displacement pump. This allows the availability of oil to be constantly adjusted as required to avoid unnecessary power consumption.

The circuit sends up to 160 l/min to the hitch and spool valves, thus allowing all the hydraulic implements to be used simultaneously. A dedicated steering pump with a 52 l/min flow rate is always available.

The McCormick X7.6 is designed to work with large implements that absorb a great deal of power.
To ensure high efficiency with any application, the power take-off is built to deliver maximum engine power, with modulation of engagement. There are four speeds available: 540 / 540Eco / 1000 / 1000Eco.

When the power take-off is engaged, the engine’s Power Plus system increases the available power and keeps it constant, even under load variations.
The rear hitch can lift up to 9,300 kg and is equipped with force sensors on the lower links.

Semi-Active Cab

McCormick’s commitment to making the work of professionals increasingly less tiring has led to the creation of a Premiere Cab for the X7.6 P6-Drive with semi-active electro-hydraulic suspension, in addition to the possibility of a cab with mechanical suspension.

The electro-hydraulic Cab Suspension system filters the movement of the wheels, thus reducing the vibrations caused by uneven terrain, for easier and more comfortable tractor handling.

Thanks to its 4-pillar structure, the cab offers panoramic visibility in every direction, which reduces the need to change position to check blind spots.

McCormick’s focus on design excellence is expressed through the high quality of the materials used, the excellent level of ergonomics and attention to detail, guaranteeing maximum comfort and roominess. The steering wheel and dashboard are adjustable in depth and electrically adjustable in tilt, in order to accommodate operators of all statures. The swivel Alcantara seat features dynamic air suspension, automatic height adjustment, and a backrest equipped with both heating and ventilation, for the very best in comfort.

X7.6 P6-Drive is available in two exclusive equipment versions:

The Premium version offers a high specification with a cab equipped with multi-function armrest controls, a 123 l/min CCLS closed centre hydraulic system (160 l/min as an option) with a maximum of 8 electro-hydraulic control valves and a 3-way flow diverter, and dedicated quick couplings, capable of handling three hydraulic movements using a single control valve.

In the Efficient versions, with the same top of the range engines and transmissions, there are entry-level features. In the cab, the controls are located on the right-hand panel, which also houses the multi-function joystick. The hydraulic system is always a 123 l/min closed centre with mechanically controlled spool valves, or mechanical and electro-hydraulic valves with or without diverter.

ISOBUS satellite guidance

The satellite guidance and ISObus systems maximise the economic yield of each process, while at the same time improving comfort and safety.

McCormick X7.6 P6-Drive has the predisposition for both systems, ensuring superior efficiency and productivity. With ISObus, the operator can manage all the implements using a single touchscreen monitor, without having to resort to additional control monitors in the cab.

In addition, McCormick’s advanced Fleet & Diagnostic Management system monitors consumption parameters, hours and areas worked, in order to improve profitability, productivity and with the possibility of activating a remote diagnostics subscription service.

X7.6 P6-Drive range: all applications

›Heavy-duty work
X7.6 P6-Drive offers the highest performance, allowing smooth operation on uneven terrain, slopes and difficult conditions, with low fuel consumption. The range guarantees excellent grip and stability under all conditions.

› PTO applications
The X7.6 P6-Drive has been designed to work with large implements that absorb a great deal of power.
In order to further increase its versatility, the range can be equipped with a front hitch and PTO, for the combined use of both front and rear implements.

› Farm activities
Thanks to the Smart APS of the P6-Drive transmission, the Auto Powershift function automatically selects the most suitable gear for the activity to be carried out, based on load, speed and engine speed. For simple and safe driving that always achieves the best balance between high performance and low fuel consumption.

› Transport operations
The new Semi-Active Cab Suspension system makes this model particularly comfortable for road transport operations. Moreover, the Engine Brake system allows the operator to reduce the engine’s rpms by engaging the engine brake together with the rear brakes, for greater efficiency.

› ISOBUS applications
The satellite guidance and ISObus systems maximise the economic yield of each process with the X7.6 P6-Drive, while at the same time improving comfort and safety. Each implement activity is governed very precisely, even automatically.


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