The McCormick logo gets an update to reflect upon product advances made in its new product range.

The McCormick brand was re-introduced in the year 2000 when the historic American brand was acquired by the Argo Group, and at the same time a new McCormick logo was adopted. After 15 years that logo has now been modernized to adapt perfectly to McCormick's new product family feeling.

Firstly, the lettering has been completely restyled to create a bold, strong and dynamic modern appearance. To add clarity and purpose, the new logo is now in corporate red alone without any shading.

Although it differs from the previous logo, the new design maintains all the main identifying features of the McCormick brand including the three well-known elements slanting from right to left.

The main goal of the new logo is to visually transmit McCormick's commitment to modern day technology and innovation whilst keeping familiar elements of the brand.


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