McCormick tractors in action at ScotGrass 2019

The McCormick X6.440 VT-Drive is one of the few 130-140hp tractors available with a CVT transmission.

Two examples of the most powerful tractor in the McCormick X7 Series will be in action at this year’s ScotGrass event alongside the mid-range high-tech X6.4 with stepless VT-Drive transmission.

They will be seen working at the AEA-organised event near Dumfries on May 15 with mowing, tedding and raking equipment from the newly-introduced SIP range, including a unique combination of front-mounted and trailed machines for gathering spread grass or multiple swaths into a single row.

“It’s the perfect opportunity for the flagship McCormick X7 Series tractors to be seen working at ScotGrass for the first time because obvious applications for the tractor include working a triple mower or large forage wagon,” says Adrian Winnett, managing director of Argo Tractors operations in the UK and Ireland.

“We’re also pleased to be co-operating with Martin Holden of SIP because it underscores our focus on tractors as the core area of expertise for the Argo Group, which leaves McCormick tractor dealers free to choose whichever grass and other implement franchises best suit them and their customers.”

McCormick X7.690 P6-Drive

The latest-generation McCormick X7 Series tractors have revised engine power outputs with ‘boost’ now available on all models for pto-driven implements and road transport.

The line-up starts at 141hp (boosting to 150hp) with the four-cylinder X7.440 introduced this year and tops out with the 205/225hp six-cylinder X7.690, which is a more powerful addition to the range.

At 205/225hp, the McCormick X6.690 P6-Drive is an additional more powerful model in the X7 Series that will be working at the AEA’s ScotGrass event.

All feature the new P6-Drive transmission with six powershift steps and five ranges providing increased speed control flexibility, plus the added security of exhaust pressure braking to ease the load on service brakes, especially travelling with a heavy trailer, tanker or spreader.

The tractors working at ScotGrass will illustrate the full-feature Premium specification, which includes a 12in terminal and electric spool valve switches on the armrest console, and the simpler Efficient spec for operators who want the same powertrain but are content with fewer electronic features.

McCormick X6.440 VT-Drive

The Argo Tractors VT-Drive transmission for McCormick X6.4 tractors provides seamless speed control within ‘field’ and ‘road’ ranges.

A VT-Drive transmission in the McCormick X6.440 being worked at ScotGrass makes this one of the few 140hp tractors available with a stepless drive system – the sort of technology normally seen on larger, more powerful machines.

It is an ideal choice for operating grass equipment such as SIP’s Star twin rotor centre delivery rakes, including the Star 850/26T destined for ScotGrass with its hydraulically-adjustable 7.2m to 8.5m working width.

This is because the ideal ground speed can be set for output balanced with being gentle to the crop; and no gear changes are needed when working on banky ground because the powertrain simply adjusts itself to handle the changing load.

The McCormick X6.440 VT-Drive has 130hp for draft work rising to 140hp for pto-driven implements and transport applications, and four-speed rear pto with ‘power’ and ‘economy’ gearing.

The 110-litre/min piston pump is dedicated to the rear linkage and remote services, which can have mechanical valves, a combination of mechanical and electric or five all-electric valves set up through a touch screen terminal.

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