Day 16 – Hotazel-Kimberley

We have a lot of distance to cover today. From the desert (not that we have seen much of it) we will gradually move towards much less arid farmland.  Mining is big in the area we have moved into, as can be inferred from the large lorries carrying mineral that lumber past. Today it’s going to be tar all day long, or so we thought. We stop for a bit of lunch at a small shop by the roadside, and chatting with a friendly local lady we manage to get ourselves invited to visit a nearby mine, where our tractors look like toys compared to the giant lorries servicing the quarry. Although it’s getting late, we have no intention of wasting the friendly lady ‘s second introduction – she tipped us that a baby rhino has recently been born on a farm not too far away. The baby rhino and its mother seem to have been waiting for us – they approach at a slow trot then stop, as if posing for us to take photos. What a thrilling encounter. We have to pay for that as the dirt track gets worse and worse, but a most glorious sunset more than makes up for all the potholes and bumps. Night has fallen by the time we get to Kimberley, after driving something like 12 hours. But my, wasn’t it worth it!


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