Born out of a passion for adventure, Xtractor is committed to raising awareness on some of the big issues of our time – the need to protect the environment, to use natural resources responsibly, to eat well and lead a healthy lifestyle. The complex relationship binding man and nature comes to the fore, a relationship as ancient as humankind itself and deeply rooted in the land.

The link to Mother Earth is highlighted and reinforced by McCormick X8 and X7 tractors and BKT providing tyres, working together to drive Xtractor’s exciting mission.

Having successfully toured Australia in 2015, Xtractor’s second adventure will take place in South Africa and looks like being just as exciting. Along the 6,000 km long itinerary we plan to cover in 55 days, we can look forward to a huge variety of landscapes, major parks and game reserves, which are home to an amazing concentration of wildlife, a rich and diverse ethnic and cultural heritage.

Starting from Cape Town at the beginning of April 2018, we will wind our slow and leisurely way among the vineyards of the Garden Route before heading straight inland across the vast semidesert interior, pushing deep into the Great Karoo and up among the sand dunes and boundless horizons of the Kalahari desert. Having reached as far to the North-West as possible, we will turn East, aiming for the summits of the small mountain kingdom of Lesotho (and perhaps a bit of snow). A steep descent down the imposing slopes of the Drakensberg chain will take us back to the sea, the Indian Ocean this time, for a quick tour of some of South Africa’s most celebrated nature parks, including world-renowned Kruger. Johannesburg and Pretoria will mark the finishing line for Xtractor’s second challenge.

We will be privileged to have some very special men and women driving Xtractor’s vehicles – Italian Carabinieri Forestali and I° Reggimento Tuscania, whose expertise and experience will help us look deeper into the environmental issues and to successfully complete Xtractor’s mission.

Amref, Africa’s largest health charity, will give us the opportunity to focus on the themes of health and nutrition, as well as giving us the chance to leave a tangible sign of Xtractor’s visit to South Africa. Our tractors will be put to work laying out a vegetable garden for the use of a maternal health centre and a football field for kids to play on, exercise and practice the healthy lifestyle rules they are taught in school.

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