McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive: the high-power segment offers maximum performance and reliability


X7.6 VT-Drive is the main new entry in 2020 in the high-power McCormick segment and the leading player in the sales season for the first quarter of 2021.
With a brand new wrap-around design and a large cab in perfect automotive style, the X7.6 VT-Drive range adds a number of key features that allow it to achieve maximum performance, reliability and comfort.


With the transition to Stage V engines the combination of a performing engine and the 4-stage continuously variable VT-Drive transmission gives excellent response levels, making any kind of work particularly easy, the range was conceived to meet the needs of modern farms and the most demanding contractors.

Let’s take a closer look at its new features.

New Stage V engines to reduce pollutants

The new X7.6 VT-Drive range consists of 3 models X7.621 – X7.623 – X7.624, with power ratings of up to 240 HP. To guarantee power and traction in every field of operation, McCormick has relied on the super-tested 6-cylinder Beta Power Fuel Efficiency engine suspended on a robust load-bearing chassis, with 6.7L displacement and Stage V emissions thanks to the Hi-eSCR2.

The SCR system is combined with the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), a passive oxidising catalyst capable of reducing pollutants and meeting the most stringent anti-pollution regulations. There’s also the BIC (Best in Class) package, exclusively available for the X7.6 VT-Drive model, which features a larger oil filter that helps reduce engine oil waste by extending the maintenance intervals two-fold, from 600 to 1,000 hours

Continuously variable transmission: 4 available speeds

The innovative VT-Drive technology transmission, with 4 sets of crown wheels and oil cooled clutches, features four speed ranges, from a minimum of 0.04 km/h to a maximum of 50 km/h (where allowed), thus facilitating productivity in every work environment.

Two key strengths among others:

  1. The Reverse Power Shuttle lever, which can be operated from the steering wheel, allows the driver to reverse directions directly and progressively, without using the clutch, with the possibility of electronically modulating the hydraulic reverse shuttle’s aggressiveness.
  2. The 4-speed power take-off and rear axle with reinforced final drives allow the X7.6 VT-Drive to express its full power and traction, with a modular drive and automatically adjustable setup. There are four speeds available: 540/540 Eco/1000/1000 Eco.

When the power take-off is engaged, the engine’s Power Plus system increases the available power and keeps it constant, even under load variations.

At a structure level, the VT-Drive transmission confirms the load-bearing chassis with its distinctive cast iron frame and the front axle with independent suspension arms, which guarantee

  • minor vibrations
  • optimal weight distribution between front end and rear end
  • improved traction of the front wheel
  • excellent handling
  • increased safety and driving comfort.

McCormick Semi-Active Cab for maximum comfort

The commitment to make the work of professionals increasingly less tiring has led McCormick to design a semi-active suspension cab for the X7.6 VT-Drive, that combines high-quality materials, an excellent level of ergonomics and attention to detail, to guarantee maximum comfort and spaciousness. Here’s how:

  1. The new electro-hydraulic Semi-Active anti-damping Cab Suspension system filters the wheel movements, thus damping the vibrations caused by uneven terrain, for easier and more comfortable tractor handling.
  2. The new configuration of the control unit, managed from the Data Screen Management (DSM), evolves from the previously patented “MySwitch” button to the new “MyFunctions” version, which multiplies the programmable buttons on the joystick of the multi-function armrest by 5, thereby allowing the driver to store 5 functions for greater customisation of the tractor’s controls.
  3. Also new is the system that allows the operator to adjust the inclination angle of the steering wheel electrically by means of a simple button.

ISObus, for assisted driving and fleet management

The ISObus system and the assisted driving function optimise the economy of the field work thanks to efficient tractor-implement management throughout the entire work site.

The X7.6 VT-Drive model is fully compatible with this technology, and ensures superior productivity, excellent fuel economy, and a lower environmental impact. The DSM even serves as an ideal user interface for the management of the implements, with concrete advantages in terms of the ergonomics of the controls.

Furthermore, the advanced McCormick Fleet Management system makes it possible to manage the fleet of tractors providing immediate, accurate geopositioning data and geofencing information (surface of the earth being worked), hours worked and diesel fuel and urea consumptions.

New design and ergonomics for greater driving control

In line with the high levels of technology, the attention to design also underwent an important restyling. The main new features include:

  1. New bonnets in line with the X8 VT-Drive family feeling, as well as the new nomenclature which explicitly refers to the number of engine cylinders and the power category.
  2. New roof design, which features 12 work LED lamps, repositioned to guarantee greater all-round visibility for the operator, even at night.
  3. New position of armrest controls to improve ergonomics and always with a view to boosting working comfort

X7.6 VT-Drive: practical applications for your work

Let’s see how these innovations really make field work easier:

Working the land

The X7.6 VT-Drive guarantees excellent traction in its power segment thanks to its weight distribution and engine installation on a cast iron chassis, ensuring grip, stability and excellent performance on uneven ground, on slopes and in general in demanding conditions.

PTO Applications

The X7.6 VT-Drive is designed to work with large implements that absorb a great deal of power. In order to further increase its versatility, the range can be equipped with a front lift and PTO, for the combined use of both front and rear implements.


The new Semi-Active Cab Suspension system, makes this model particularly comfortable for road transport operations. Moreover, the Engine Brake system allows the operator to reduce the engine rpm by engaging the engine brake, for greater safety.

Farm work

Compared to the 2 speed ranges normally available on the market, the innovative continuously variable transmission technology with 4 speed ranges renders the X7.6 VT-Drive range extremely versatile, for maximum productivity under any working conditions both on the field and road.

ISObus applications

Il The PMS Precision Steering Management and the ISObus systems maximise the economic yield of each process, while at the same time improving comfort and safety. Thanks to the ISObus system (optional), X7.6 VT-Drive allows the operator to manage the implements mounted without having to install dedicated ISObus monitors in the cab.

For further technical details, please see the product fact sheet available on our site.


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