SIMA 2017: McCormick News

McCormick X7.6 new engines and new transmissions!

The McCormick X7 family will be on show at Sima 2017 with new performance levels for the X7.6 range.

The X7.6 Series, a high power range comprises five models X7.650, X7.660, X7.670, X7.680 and new to the range the X7.690, all feature new 6-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficient Tier 4 Final engines offering power ratings from 150 to 226 HP, with the new X7.690 model extending the power range close to the 230 horsepower range.

The innovations also comprise the transmission, the range will be available with either VT-Drive (continuously variable transmission up to 195 HP) or PS-Drive (Powershift transmission up to 226 HP).

This latter has been entirely redesigned: 5 robotically-activated electrohydraulic ranges and 6 Powershift speed gears fully controlled by a dedicated electronic unit.

Once the engine speed has been defined by the operator, the Smart APS (Smart Autopowershift) system allows the transmission to automatically select the most suitable range and speed gear.

The X7.6 Series also adopts the Stop & Action system, which engages the de-clutch when the operator simply steps on the brake pedal, allowing the PS-Drive to provide a smooth ride and drivability similar to that of the VT-Drive continuously variable transmission.

With styling improvements both inside and outside the cab, the range now offers additional improvements introduced as the “2017 Model Year” upgrade and are standard. Standard features now include upgraded software governed by the Data Screen Manager (DSM), which now includes additional capabilities to run functions such as rear view backup camera to improve visibility behind the tractor when implements are hitched and also to provide advanced headland management functions along with Operator information from the tractor's onboard computer to ensure maximum efficiency.

Lastly, the Première Cab and suspended front axle underscore how comfort, operator safety and tractor performance are priorities for Argo Tractors Research & Development department, where continuous improvement of the tractors is a primary focus.

With its aggressive look, leading-edge technological features, exceptional performance and impressive 310 HP power rating, McCormick's top-of-the-range X8 Series will also take pride of place in the stand at Sima.

With their 6-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency Tier4 Final engines, the three models in the series offer 264, 286 and 310 HP power ratings and feature a four-stage continuously variable transmission with 40 km/h ECO top speed at 1,300 engine rpm and 50 km/h ECO top speed at 1,600 engine rpm.

The high-level technology proposed by the range is also confirmed by the presence of the certified ISOBUS system, a standard feature of the X8 that handles the operation of compatible implements thanks to a dedicated menu in the 12” DSM touch screen monitor.

The powerful closed-center hydraulic circuit boasts a 157 l/min load sensing pump as standard (a 212 l/min capacity pump is available as an option) and can handle up to ten electrohydraulically controlled control valves (6 at the rear) with 140 l/min flow rate. The rear electronically controlled hitch offers to up 12,000 kg lift capacity while the front hitch, which also comes as standard, has 5,000 kg lift capacity with a front PTO (1,000 rpm) as an option.

The electrohydraulically engaged three-speed 540E/1000E/1000 rear PTO is fitted as a standard feature.

The front axle has an electronically controlled parallelogram suspension system and oil-immersed disc brakes for the utmost in safety and driving comfort.

McCormick's X6 VT-Drive Series features the Argo Tractors in-house designed,  3-stage continuously variable transmission, a 4-speed and synchronized electrohydraulic PTO, a rear hitch with 5,400 kg lift capacity and a generous 110 l/min closed-center hydraulic circuit able to supply a wide range of configurable control valves: 3 different types of mechanical control valves, 3 mechanical and 2 electronic control valves or the version with 5 electrohydraulically controlled control valves. The version with 50 km/h top speed is also available for countries where this is allowed.

The range offers three Tier 4 Interim BetaPower Fuel Efficiency engines with Power Plus system and three models X6.420, X6.430 and X6.440, with 121, 133 and 140 HP power ratings, respectively.

Comfort during field and transport work is assured by cab suspension and a front axle with independent suspension system, both available as options. The cab features the highest standards of comfort, visibility and noise level, and is consistent with the products in the highest range.

A multi-function armrest and DSM (12” touch screen) derived from the X7 Series ensure full control over the tractor functions.



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