McCormick C-max HC 90/100/110

C-max HC 90/100/110

McCormick C-max HC 90/100/110

McCormick C-max HC 90/100/110

Important specs:
– STD with creeper
– Mechanical gearbox – 12+12 shuttle + creeper
(24 Fwd+12 Rev)
– STD aux. lifting cylinders 4300 kg lifting capacity
– Features lift geometry to hook a std implement on the
– STD tires 13.6R38 optional 9.5R48

Optional transmission
RPS – reverse power shuttle + creeper
– Direct and under power Shift 36 Fwd+12 Rev with
Electro Hydraulic PTO


The C-Max series is a range of simple and modern tractors. Available in both platform and cab versions, the C-Max tractors are powered by ecofriendly, fuel-efficient Perkins 1104D engines that deliver 74, 83, 92.5 and 102 hp/ISO and meet the Tier 3 emission regulations. Featuring an advanced fuel injection system that optimizes air-fuel mixture and enhances combustion efficiency, these engines combine high power and torque levels with low running costs. The C-Max 110 is also available in a turbocharged version powered by a Tier0 1104-44T engine that develops 106.8 hp/ISO.  The C-Max also offers a high-clearance version (HC) for both the two- and four-wheel drive models. Rotating the rear drop-down final drives and using special front axles and tall, narrow tyres result in higher belly clearance, making this tractor ideal for working in specialty crops such as rice fields and interrow crops.

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