Eima 2016: technological growth is confirmed

McCormick: technological growth is confirmed at Eima 2016

McCormick will be on show at Eima 2016 with a full complement of tractor ranges including the VT-Drive continuously variable transmission.

McCormick's Top-of-the-range X8 Series goes beyond the 300 HP mark with an aggressive and seductive look, a further evolution of the McCormick family feeling. The X8 models offer three power ratings, 264, 286 and 310 HP, delivered by 6-cylinder 6.7-liter Betapower Fuel Efficiency Tier4 Final engines with eVGT electronically controlled variable-geometry turbocharger and SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system. Key feature of the X8 Series is the four-stage continuously variable transmission featuring 40 km/h ECO top speed at 1,300 engine rpm and 50 km/h ECO top speed at 1,600 engine rpm. The high-level technology proposed by the range is also confirmed by the presence of the certified ISOBUS system, a standard feature of the X8 that handles the operation of compatible implements thanks to a dedicated menu in the 12” DSM touch screen monitor. The powerful closed-center hydraulic circuit has a 157 l/min load sensing pump (a 212 l/min oversized pump is available as an option) and can handle up to ten electrohydraulically controlled control valves (6 at the rear) with 140 l/min flow rate. The rear electronically controlled hitch offers up to 12,000 kg lift capacity. The electrohydraulically engaged three-speed, 540E/1000E/1000, rear PTO is fitted as a standard feature. The 5,000 kg lift capacity front hitch comes as standard, with a front PTO (1,000 rpm) as an option. The front axle has an electronically controlled parallelogram suspension system and oil-immersed disc brakes for the utmost in safety and driving comfort. 16,000 kg maximum permissible weight, 3,000 mm wheelbase and up to 900/60R42 rear wheel combinations.

The McCormick X7 VT-Drive Series comprises three 4.5-liter 4-cylinder models (X7.440, X7.450 and X7.460) with 136, 150 and 166 HP power ratings (147.160 and 176 HP with Power Plus for the X7.460 model) and two 6.7-liter 6-cylinder models (X7.660 and X7.670) with 181 and 195 HP Power Plus power ratings, 2 respectively. All models are equipped with Tier 4 Interim Beta Power Fuel Efficiency emissionized engines. The standard equipment for the entire VT-Drive range includes the DSM 12” touch screen monitor for controlling the tractor's operating parameters and performance.

McCormick's X6 VT-Drive Series offers three Tier 4 Interim BetaPower Fuel Efficiency engines with Power Plus system, which boosts the basic 114, 121 and 130 HP power ratings to 121, 133 and 140 HP, respectively. The three models, X6.420, X6.430 and X6.440, are equipped with an innovative Argo Tractors 3-stage continuously variable transmission, a 4-speed and synchronized electrohydraulic PTO, a rear hitch with 5,400 kg lift capacity and a generous 110 l/min closed-center hydraulic circuit able to supply a wide range of configurable control valves: 3 different types of mechanical control valves, 3 mechanical and 2 electronic control valves or the version with 5 electrohydraulically controlled control valves. For improved comfort during field and transport work, cab suspensions and a front axle with independent wishbone suspensions are also available as options.

A multi-function armrest and DSM (12” touch screen) derived from the X7 Series ensure full control over the tractor functions. The solution created by the Argo Tractors technicians makes the tractor extremely convenient to use in all applications, from heavy, open-field work to general jobs in farming estates and breeding farms. The cab has also been renewed according to the highest standards of comfort, noise levels and visibility, being consistent with the larger X7 and X8 products. The version with 50 km/h top speed is also available for countries where this is allowed.

The McCormick X7 Ps-Drive (featuring a Powershift with 6 ranges and 4 speed gears) will be launched in the 2017 Year Model version with new updates taken from the X8. These include a DSM upgrade with new headland management functions and customized work menu plus renewed ergonomics on the right-hand side of the operator thanks to which the driver’s seat can turn through 30°. This provides enhanced manoeuvrability and visibility during open-field work, particularly ploughing.

The “Efficient” version of McCormick's X7 Ps-Drive focuses on the minimum essentials concept, since the transmissions and engines of the 4- and 6-cylinder X7 Series combine with configurations designed to keep the price down without sacrificing either comfort or efficiency. Thus 4 Powershift speed gears and six ranges plus the automatic shift feature combined with an 88 l/min open-center hydraulic circuit are standard. The optional load sensing hydraulic systems extends the flow available to 123 l/min. 3

McCormick's M Series Loaders are a range comprising 5 models dedicated to McCormick tractors and meet different customer requirements. The loaders are available factory-fitted for the X4, X50m, X5, X6, X7.4 Series while other, after-market solutions, are available for other models. M Series loaders provide different performance levels depending on the models, which include M55, M60, M80, M100 and M120, with maximum lift heights measured from the axis of the end implement ranging from 3.44 m to 4.13 m with 1,200 kg to 2,300 kg lift capacity. Enhanced versatility and optimized operations thanks to the following specifications: suspension system featuring two reservoirs for improved stability when hanging loads are manoeuvred; “Fast” hitching/unhitching system; third hydraulic circuit for handling implements that require a 3rd service function. In addition, a vast range of accessories are available such as specifically designed buckets for different uses, round bale forks, pallet forks and manure forks, also available in the compact version.


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