Day 13 – Kakamas-Loch Maree

To North of the Orange River lies the actual Kalahari, the arid wasteland the first khoe-san inhabitants called “Great Thirst” – this is according to the guude books. The Kalahari we are seeing right now is actually quite green and studded with bright yellow flowers as far as the eye can see – an unlikely spring- like look for a desert.
It’s the magic of water, all it takes is a little rain to revive the most barren waste. The gravel road winds its way past a low rocky ridge, snaking up and down green, rounded hills. This friendly landscape is definitely not what we expected the Kalahari to look like. Then, gradually, it’s back to the desert, with large red dunes dotted with green bushes mirroring in the puddles left behind by a recent downpour. No dust today, but lots of mud which our tractors don’t mind at all, but proves a challenge for the support pick-ups.
Can you imagine getting stuck in mud in the middle of a desert?!!


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