11 mayo 2018

Day 20 – Kroonstad

We have a wonderfully satisfying morning today. It’s Sunday and we have the very welcome opportunity of visiting a township, a community where black South Africans […]
10 mayo 2018

Day 19 – Bothaville-Kroonstad

When we wake up, early in the morning, the small farming town of Bothaville looks like  just any other place in the low-lying countryside of Northen […]
10 mayo 2018

Day 18 – Kimberley-Hoopstad-Bothaville

The new drivers who joined us yesterday are going to be sorely tested today. We are having breakfast at 6.15 and leave as soon as we […]
10 mayo 2018

Day 17 – Kimberley

Kimberley has always been known for diamonds – the De Beers company’s involvement in the mines made it the largest town in the region in the […]
10 mayo 2018

Day 16 – Hotazel-Kimberley

We have a lot of distance to cover today. From the desert (not that we have seen much of it) we will gradually move towards much […]


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