Table of contents:

    1. What it is and why it is important
    2. McCormick is all-in-one, even in front loaders
    3. The Velotak system for quick operations

What it is and why it is important

The front loader is a widespread and largely used essential tool for many types of work. Not only in farms but also in municipalities for green maintenance, snowploughing and forestry.

The loader is the best accessory for bulk or packaged material handling operations. It features a strong and compact structure, with a variety of movements and is very versatile.

Over time, technical progress has allowed the loader to evolve and improve its automation, safety level, reach and horizontal operation. This is why McCormick has invested in the production of quality front loaders with an innovative and comfortable connection and disconnection system.

McCormick is all-in-one, even in front loaders

Why do you have to settle and compromise? For optimum work, you need the highest quality in every implement, which is why McCormick has come up with 6 new series of top-performing front loaders.

The entire fleet of McCormick tractors, from the 47 hp of X2 to the 313 hp of X8 VT-Drive, is compatible with front loader mounting and these prove to be extremely versatile in their use. Increased load capacity, higher reach in height, a bucket (mechanical or hydraulic) self-levelling system are all comforts you do not have to give up to, and McCormick knows it.




The Velotak system for quick operations

Because of its importance, the loader is a tool that must always be properly mounted on the tractor. However, correct mounting does not mean complicated: McCormick made it simple!

The Velotak system for loader mounting and removal allows these operations to be carried out using a single lever, without the need for tools or pins. Moreover, thanks to the loader’s support feet, the operation can be carried out on all types of terrain, even on slopes. Thanks to the Velotak system, you can make your work faster and more comfortable.




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