Xtractor continues its journey to World’s End.

After the first expedition in Australia, across the vast open spaces of the Outback and along the Pacific coast following the Great Barrier Reef, Xtractor and its convoy of McCormick tractors are now about to head off on another exciting expedition, this time to South Africa.

Xtractor Around the World is a docu-reality program created by Roberto Pinnelli and Luca Noris (writers and directors) in which the tractors become both the leading characters and means of transport in an amazing journey to discover our planet.

April 2018: along with 3 all-terrain vehicles and a crew of 16, 4 powerful McCormick tractors with BKT tyres combining over 1000 HP overall power will cover over 6,000 km through extreme terrain and challenging endeavours.

Once again, the agricultural tractor will turn into an adventure vehicle thanks to a TV format dedicated to a global audience and exclusive content via social media.

McCormick is a tractor brand belonging to the Argo Tractors group and will be the main sponsor of the expedition along with BKT and other important sponsors. McCormick will provide its formidable new tractors, a concentration of technology and power. Pushed to their limits, they will launch Xtractor in discovery of the fascinating and legendary South Africa.

The tractors will be fitted with tough and hard-wearing BKT tyres, they will be ideal for tackling all the challenges of this adventure.

Xtractor Around the World will show how technological excellence turns into respect for the environment and natural resources thanks to the experience of the Argo Tractors Group EU’s LIFE+ programme.

Xtractor will also represent solidarity, a subject very dear to BKT, which works through the BKT Foundation for the purpose of supplying medical and surgical equipment in India as well as financing free education and supporting infant feeding and childhood education programs.

During this second expedition, Xtractor will be crossing the great South African national parks and the endless expanses of vineyards in the Winelands, finally climbing the extensive mountain range of Drakensberg (Mountain of the Dragons) in LESOTHO, which soars to a height of 3,482 meters.

The expedition will continue along the south-tropical coast of KwaZulu-Natal, across the vast semi-desert area of Karoo, which forms the heart of the country, and through the towns of Garden Route until it finally reaches SWAZILAND.

Visits to the centers run by Amref, the largest non-profit health organization operating in Africa, will be a focal part of the media coverage. Xtractor Around the World will also address subjects like social responsibility, strongly linked to the areas crossed by this expedition: here our tractors will then cease to be mere vehicles and will return to their original context, tilling and ploughing the soil in a series of special initiatives created in accordance with Amref South Africa, in natural environments and challenging surroundings.

The 7 drivers of this edition play a fundamental role: a group of Carabinieri – part of the State Corp for Forestry, Environmental and Agro-food Protection and the 1st Paratroopers Carabinieri Regiment “Tuscania” – in an expedition that already promises challenges equal to their level of technical training.

The State Corp for Forestry, Environmental and Agro-food Protection was established about a year ago and has become one of the world’s largest police organizations in the fight against environmental crime and protection of the ecosystem. Safeguarding the environment and nature is a principle shared by the Xtractor Around the World project.

The group of daredevils will be joined by an outstanding exponent of Italian haute cuisine, the star-winning chef Ilario Vinciguerra. He will help us to get to know the culture and traditions of the local cuisine as he prepares the typical dishes of the places visited by the expedition.

All this and much more will be revealed during the next adventure in South Africa.

Xtractor Around the World: let the adventure begin!


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