The new McCormick-branded X7 SWB tractor is the jewel in the crown resulting from the constant research of Argo Tractors’ design team, which with this model further expands the X7 range being already a perfect mix of performance, efficiency, versatility and ergonomics with 4 and 6-cylinder machines featuring structural engines.


The McCormick X7 SWB tractor features uncompromising quality: leaner and more versatile, it is ideal for autumn and spring tillage where soils are wetter and is designed for medium-sized farms and contractors.


The automotive style characterising the X7 SWB is able to restore the well-known strong and dynamic lines of McCormick design as well as to combine them with the comfort of a spacious cab, with ergonomic controls and the option of up to 20 full LED headlights for total visibility in all working conditions.
However, if this was all, it would not be the new McCormick tractor.

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The king of performance, between power and innovation

The X7 SWB is equipped with the new FTP NEF engines, which not only provide ever-increasing power to both the 4 and 6-cylinder versions reaching up to 175 hp, but also high performance in terms of traction capability and great fuel economy. Specifically, the two new structural engines, designed to be a benchmark for performance, reliability and durability, are: the FPT NEF 45 with 4.5 litres, 4 cylinders, 16 valves providing a wheelbase of 2,651 mm and the FPT NEF 67 with 6.7 litres, 6 cylinders, 24 valves providing a wheelbase of 2,760 mm. Both are equipped with Turbo Intercooler, Common Rail electronic fuel injection and HI-eSCR2 exhaust gas treatment system.


Other key features include: the Power Plus system that controls engine torque variations and eliminates power drops, to which is added the innovative fuel injection strategy that increases engine responsiveness, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions; and the Cooling Matrix, the advanced McCormick-designed radiator compass opening system that allows for easy and complete cleaning in minutes, thus increasing cooling efficiency and enabling top performance.


The McCormick X7 SWB tractor was made based on the all-around needs of farmers: on the one hand, its low weight, being perfectly distributed between front and rear, compacts less the soil, thus preserving its productive capacity; on the other hand, the four-wheel drive is ensured by its strong independent-wheel front axle and its excellent weight balance that unloads all the power to the ground, with great ease. This allows to work on all types of terrain and in difficult conditions, as the X7 SWB’s stability and grip are excellent in every work and transport situation: in the field, traction and stability are enhanced; on the road, speed, safety and comfort are improved, partly thanks to the engine brake pedal that increases the braking effect of the rear wheels and the engagement of the four-wheel drive while braking.



The first class of tractors: technology and comfort

The decision to keep the focus as much on machine performance as on the needs of professional users of the new McCormick X7 SWB tractor can be clearly noticed in the design of this model.


In fact, the design of the new one-piece bonnet is made to provide greater visibility for the operator, while its 90° opening allows immediate access as well as quick and easy maintenance.


The spacious Première Cab is equipped with intuitive, power-assisted controls positioned according to anthropometric criteria, LED headlights illuminate the work area, and rear cameras provide total visibility without blind spots; all of which enable the driver to focus on productivity. Automotive materials make the environment cosy, while the soundproofing and the air-conditioned seat featuring air suspension as well as the semi-active suspension cab are designed for the farmer’s well-being. Finally, the multifunction armrest – an example of the most advanced ergonomics – encloses all the main controls, including the EasyPilot joystick that allows to engage the gears and ranges of the P6-Drive transmission without using the clutch pedal, as well as to control the tractor’s main hydraulic functions.


The 12-inch DSM touchscreen monitor is the beating heart designed to manage McCormick tractor that integrates several functional menus related to transmission, hydraulics, automated headland operations, light menus, and perfectly integrates with ISObus technology, which is essential in making implements communicate with the tractor through a certified communication protocol.
In addition, the PSM (Precision Steering Management) system is capable of saving up to 13% in costs, thanks to integrated satellite-assisted driving devices – which can be directly managed from the X25 display in the cabin.


Its user-friendly and innovative technology improves work by ensuring directly proportional customisation, performance and comfort


An iconic feature of this system is McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, the remote management and diagnostics tool, which includes:

  1. Control of the tractor fleet
  2. Data analysis: costs, productivity, profits
  3. Remote diagnostics and maintenance
  4. Storage of work activity data

The new McCormick X7 SWB tractor allows you to grow profit and boost comfort. 



Green power: maximum performance for minimum consumption

Sustainability is an essential and topical issue. While the professionals’ well-being is the core, attention to the environment also takes centre stage, especially thanks to the constantly evolving technology, which is McCormick’s hallmark.


Beginning with the weight of the machine that makes less impact on the soil, not damaging it or forcing over-intensive cultivation, the X7 SWB tractor is a leading player in green Agriculture 4.0, as it adopts engine solutions that reduce CO2 emissions.


In fact, thanks to the latest generation of Common Rail electronic fuel injection and the HI-eSCR2 exhaust gas treatment system, the new FPT NEF 4 and 6-cylinder engines reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% compared to tractors in the same class.



Reliability transmissions: VT-DRIVE and P6-DRIVE

VT Drive is the continuously variable transmission the new McCormick X7 SWB tractor is equipped with, providing simple and immediate response to operator commands and high acceleration capability, partly thanks to the 4 working ranges offered by this latest-generation transmission.


P6-DRIVE, the 6-speed Powershift transmission, allows you to always work with the best ratio of high performance and low fuel consumption: this is ensured by its APS (Auto Powershift) System. You just need to accelerate and the transmission automatically changes according to the engine load. In addition, the Stop & Action function allows the clutch to be managed by simply pressing on the brake pedal, making driving smoother and safer.


The X7 SWB is more than a tractor: it is a partner, a safe and comfortable workplace, a high-performance tool, a new way of experiencing the field. It is McCormick!.



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