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          1. The noble activity of agriculture needs the king of equipment
          2. McCormick X6.4 P6-Drive Stage V: the perfect partner for the open field
          3. McCormick X7.6: eliminating the need to choose between power and comfort
          4. McCormick X8 VT-Drive: design and technology for uncompromising power and reliability

The noble activity of agriculture needs the king of equipment

Ploughing is one of the oldest practices in agriculture, loosening the soil and preparing it for subsequent tillage or sowing is a fundamental task of the farmers on the land they cultivate.

The type of tractor chosen for ploughing is the wheeled tractor, which is normally more versatile and agile than the crawler, and is ideal for areas that are flat and have to be reached via a public road.

It is good practice to pay due attention to tyre pressure in relation to soil compaction. In fact it is very important that this does not happen excessively, otherwise there are risks of:

  • the formation of a layer of soil resembling a cohesive, hard crust, which is visible on the surface but also reaches deep down and prevents the roots from freely reaching the circulating solution
  • impeding the proper flow of rainwater by causing stagnation
  • excessive moisture in the surface layers and thus fungal diseases;
  • failure to absorb and translocate elements such as water, nitrogen and carbon on the surface layer and throughout the soil

In fact, a perfect balance between power, agility and vehicle structure must be maintained. This can be achieved with three McCormick tractor models that are ideal for ploughing.




McCormick X6.4 P6-Drive Stage V: the perfect partner for the open field

Among the major new developments from McCormick is the X6.4 P6-Drive Stage V tractor, the brainchild of Argo Tractors engineers, which is the epitome of a vehicle designed and built with open field operators in mind.

Extreme versatility, high performance and total comfort characterise the X6.4. An ideal and indispensable companion for open field work, haymaking, multi-utility work and front loader work.

Emblematic of the vision that accompanies this model is the McCormick High Visibility Cab, with its FOPS-approved panoramic roof and hatch for natural ventilation, equipped with up to 14 LED lights, 8 of which are integrated into the roof to optimise visibility even at night. Not only that, the cab has mechanical suspension combined with an independently suspended front axle, designed and built with state-of-the-art materials derived from the automotive industry. Innovation also dominates in terms of ergonomics. The control instrumentation is structured with a 12-inch touchscreen monitor and multifunction “Smart Pilot Plus” joystick to control the 24+24 speed transmission with 6 Powershift gears and to manage the hydraulics served by a 114 l/min CCLS pump.

X6.4 P6-Drive: McCormick‘s distinctive design, power, comfort and technology applied to improving working conditions in a single vehicle.



McCormick X7.6: eliminating the need to choose between power and comfort

McCormick X7.6: the design by Argo Tractors professionals which meets the needs and requirements of modern farms and contractors who really want to bring innovation to the field.

The renewed design, even more aggressive and engaging in perfect McCormick style, meets the ergonomic technology of the spacious cab with simple, automotive-inspired controls.

The X7.6 introduces other important new features, including a roof with 12 LED work lights positioned to provide full all-round visibility and aggressive bonnet lines offering better visibility for the operator.

Traction and manoeuvrability on any terrain are promises that this McCormick open field tractor makes and keeps. Thanks to both the chassis-mounted engine and the strong front axle with independent wheels that allows it to put more horsepower to the ground than can normally be achieved in its power class; and thanks to the high grip and stability that is maintained in any ground conditions.

There are indeed many features that make the McCormick X7.6 a vehicle that offers the best in terms of power and ergonomics, and among these is the Première Cab: a new feature that perfectly embodies the focus on the operator given by Argo Tractors engineers. Panoramic visibility, soundproofing, semi-active electro-hydraulic suspension, electrical tilt-adjustable steering wheel and dashboard, right armrest with all the main controls, joystick and 12-inch DSM touch screen monitor, refrigerated storage compartment and bottle holder, 12 V sockets for charging devices, and cabinets are just some of the features of this latest generation of cab. All just waiting to be discovered, just like the on-board technology that includes satellite driver assistance systems, ISObus connections and McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management.



McCormick X8 VT-Drive: design and technology for uncompromising power and reliability

One vehicle, two models: X8.627 and X8.631 with power outputs of 264 and 310 horsepower.
The new design of the X8 VT-Drive brings back the unmistakable McCormick style, while high technology is delivered through the McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management system, to monitor the main activities of the tractor fleet at any time and anywhere in the world. IoT (Internet of Things) protocols make useful information such as geolocation, fuel consumption, levels, temperatures and work sessions available via PC or mobile device. A benefit that allows operational control of the tractors and their productivity, ensuring immediate action in the event of any problems.

Being one of McCormick‘s newest additions, it is not surprising that the technological evolution also concerns power: the X8 tractor’s VT-Drive Transmission is a continuously variable transmission that combines efficiency and versatility thanks to its 4 stages and speeds ranging from 0.04 to 50km/h (where permitted) at low engine speeds.

Not only that, the innovations of this model also extend to ergonomics, epitomised by the VT Easy Pilot joystick, which allows the transmission to be managed intuitively, increasing or decreasing speed without having to use the accelerator pedal.

Finally, the X8 VT-Drive’s hydraulic system is oversized (up to 212 l/min) and made with top-quality components, for extensive configurability that makes the tractor versatile and suitable for any need and terrain.



McCormick establishes itself as an important point of reference for the farmer. For a classic application such as ploughing, it is now possible to effectively choose between different models, opting for the solution that best meets the needs of the operator and the field, without ever having to compromise on power, manoeuvrability and design.



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