The technological world of McCormick tractors for 2018

X6.4: the McCormick utility tractor segment continues to grow

Tractor of The Year Best Utility 2018 and Foglia d’argento dell’Innovazione are the best certification of Argo Tractors’ substantial efforts to develop the Utility segment, which is now approaching performance and comfort standards near to those of the higher power tractors.

The McCormick X6.4 Tier 4 Final tractor is available with 120 HP to 140 HP power ratings provided by 4-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency 4500 cc emissionized engines with SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system and is equipped with different types of transmission: VT-Drive (3-stage continuously variable transmission) and Powershift with 3 speed gears on load (48+16 with Creeper), both manufactured by Argo Tractors.

The range has an automatically engaged 2- or 4-speed electrohydraulic PTO, 5,400 kg capacity rear hitch and an optional 110 l/min closed-center hydraulic circuit.

Comfort during field and transport work is assured by the front axle with independent wishbone suspensions and the mechanical cab suspension system, both available as optionals and made according to the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, quiet running and all-around visibility, consistent with products in the highest range.

Full control over the VT-Drive functions is guaranteed by a multi-function armrest and generously sized 12” DSM touchscreen monitor with ISOBUS certification for vehicle management.

McCormick X6.4 weighs 5,200 kg with 8,500 kg maximum permissible mass and 2.54 m wheelbase. Fitted with 34” and 38” rear tyres, it is the ideal heavy duty Utility tractor, also in combination with the front hitch and front loader.

The X7 range with 4- and 6-cylinder engines

The Tier 4 Final engine represents the link between the X6.4 range and X7 range, this latter being available with 4-cylinder (X7.4) and 6-cylinder (X7.6) engines.

 Equipped with a 4-cylinder Tier 4 Final engine, the McCormick X7.4 Tier 4 Final comes with 150 HP, 165 HP and 176 HP power ratings and characteristics conforming to European Mother Regulation standards. The structural engine determines the tractor’s narrow wheelbase (2,600 mm), all to the advantage of the machine’s excellent ease of handling.

The transmission is available in both the VT-Drive continuously variable version and the P6-Drive version with 6 Powershift speed gears and 5 robotically-activated ranges. A creeper providing 54 speed gears on load completes the proposal. The gearshift is electronically controlled by means of the multi-function armrest and has the APS (Auto Powershift) function in all ranges. The electrohydraulically engaged four-speed 540/540E/1000/1000E rear PTO is part of the standard equipment. Electronic engagement always ensures that implements start up gradually, adding to ease of use and preserving both the tractor and the implements themselves. The improved hydraulic circuit and software developments allow the tractor to be fully configured to suit the user’s requirements.

A new Semi-Active Cab Suspension with electronic controller able to modify shock absorber firmness to suit changing terrain conditions has been introduced to enhance operator comfort. Lastly, the proposal for this range includes a mechanical suspended Cab intended for customers who are less demanding but who do not intend to sacrifice the comfort.

McCormick X7.6 Tier 4 Final: equipped with 6-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency Tier 4 Final engines, this series features a 2,820 mm standardized wheelbase. There are five models available (X7.650, X7.660, X7.670, X7.680 and X7.690), with power ratings ranging from 150 HP to 225 HP.

The Engine Brake Pedal, which increases braking performance by means of the electronic valve on the exhaust side of the turbocharger, has been installed for the very first time on this version.

This range is available with either the VT-Drive transmission (up to 192 HP) or P6-Drive transmission (up to 225 HP). This latter includes 5 robotically-activated ranges and 6 Powershift speed gears governed by a dedicated electronic controller.

The APS (Smart Autopowershift) function becomes even SMARTER: the system allows the P6-Drive transmission to automatically select the most suitable range and speed gear once the engine speed is set by the operator.

The Stop&Action system integrates the declutch function into the brake pedal, allowing the P6-Drive transmission to provide a smoother ride comparable to that of the continuously variable transmission.

The flow rate received by the 9,300 kg capacity hitch and the control valves (these ones available up to 7) has been increased to 160 l/min.

In addition to the exclusive Premium versions with their high-level specifications, there are Efficient models which share the same top quality transmissions and engines but come in with entry level features.

Governed by the Data Screen Manager (DSM), certified to ISOBUS standards, the software has also been upgraded and includes a rear view camera to improve visibility over implements hitched behind the tractor and provide more information in the transport mode, advanced headland management functions and additional information from the tractor’s onboard computer.

The optional Semi-Active Cab Suspension system is now available for the 6-cylinder version.

 Power, performance and an aggressive look for the McCormick X8

Undisputed top of the production range, the McCormick X8 sports an aggressive look, exceptional performance and cutting-edge technological features. The 3 models in the series are equipped with 6-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency Tier4 Final engines which are iso-mounted in a cast frame, with 264 HP, 286 HP and 310 HP power ratings.

The ground speeds provided by the four-stage continuously variable transmission are 40 km/h ECO at 1,300 rpm engine speed and 50 km/h ECO at 1,600 rpm engine speed.

The high-level technology is underscored by the certified ISOBUS system, a standard feature that handles the operation of compatible implements thanks to a dedicated menu in the 12” touchscreen monitor (DSM).

EazySteer and Precision Steering Management systems are available for precision agriculture (PA) requirements.

The powerful closed-center hydraulic circuit has a 157 l/min load sensing pump as standard (a 212 l/min oversized pump is available as an optional). It can handle up to eleven electrohydraulically-controlled control valves (6 rear) with 140 l/min flow rate. The electronically controlled rear hitch provides to up 12,000 kg lift capacity while the front hitch, which also comes as standard, has 5,000 kg lift capacity with the optional 1,000 rpm front PTO.

An electrohydraulically engaged three-speed 540E/1000E/1000 rear PTO is part of the standard equipment.

The front axle has an electronically controlled parallelogram suspension system and oil-immersed disc brakes for the utmost safety and driving comfort.

The four pillar cab provides excellent visibility, while operator comfort is underscored by a series of proposals, such as the automatic air conditioning system, the anti-damping Semi-Active suspension system, air suspension seat, fold-away instructor’s seat, multi-function armrest, Bluetooth radio system and refrigerator compartment.


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