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    1. The advantages of spading over ploughing
    2. McCormick X7.6 P6-Drive: big power and great manoeuvrability
    3. McCormick puts technology to work for you

The advantages of spading over ploughing

Preparing the soil for a new seeding is an essential operation in agriculture. Traditionally, it can be performed in three main ways: plough-harrow combination, hoeing or spading.

In the open field, on very large expanses of land, the mechanical operation can make use of several alternatives, each with advantages and disadvantages, which are to be assessed, however, based on the type of soil and rainfall in the area.

Compared to ploughing and harrowing, spading allows to make it in just one operation and using one single tool. Thanks to a mechanical spading machine, in fact, it is possible to obtain less cloddy soil that does not have to be further broken up by subsequent passes.

In addition to this, the plough produces working soles at the bottom of the tilled layer, which can lead to the formation of root asphyxia zones in the event of particularly heavy rainfall.

Finally, the technique of mechanical spading causes less soil compression and therefore allows work to be carried out even in more humid conditions, thus also at times of the year when it would not be possible with other techniques. This last feature, perhaps the one with more positive sides, is however always subordinate to the soil capacity to withstand the pressure exerted by the wheels of the tractor pulling the spading machine.

This is why McCormick is the best choice, with its models that perfectly combine the power required for open field work, optimum weight distribution and manoeuvrability.


McCormick X7.6 P6-Drive: big power and great manoeuvrability

The X7.6 is perfect with challenging soils: traction, manoeuvrability and comfort are best combined in the X7.6 tractor, which guarantees great grip and stability in all working and transport conditions.

Thanks to the robust front axle, with independent arm suspension, the four-wheel differential lock, the electro-hydraulically engaged four-wheel drive and the reliable rear carriage, with oil-cooled multi-disc brakes, it is the perfect synthesis of horsepower on the ground and agility in movement.

In addition to the machine’s performance, the model designed by Argo Tractors enhances the operator’s work even more. The cab design is the man’s main ally during mechanical spading.

Thanks to its 4-pillar design, it offers a 360° panoramic view so that you are always in control of what the spading machine is doing and the result on the ground.

Finally, the X7.6 P6-Drive proves to be particularly suitable for use with a mechanical spading machine also because of the engine it is equipped with: the Beta Power Fuel Efficiency. This engine features the Power Plus system, which is activated with the use of the PTO, responsible for the movement of the various organs of a spading machine.

Thanks to the Power Plus system, the engine’s maximum power is increased by 10 hp and a constant speed is ensured, which is very important in order not to damage the soil during spading operations.

McCormick puts technology to work for you

Another ally in open field operations, even the most delicate ones, is the brand new MyMcCormick App. With this App you can quickly and directly access advanced digital solutions to improve your work and express the full potential of your tractor.

McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostics Management for fleet management and remote diagnostics or McCormick Farm for agronomic data monitoring. Not to forget McCormick Precision Drive for satellite guidance or McCormick Power Service for scheduled maintenance.

In short, it is a “pocket-sized” ally for big operations.

As we have seen, mechanical spading is a very advantageous operation, but it must be carried out carefully. McCormick is the perfect ally for you with its powerful, agile and high-tech tractors.


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