Remote training for dealerships


The advancement of increasingly electronic-based technologies makes appropriate specific and specialist skills indispensable.

The new tools offered by the digitalisation that McCormick is putting in place are aimed precisely at the continuous improvement of the Service experience to achieve the highest standards of professionalism, timeliness and simplicity in customer service.

For this reason, among the areas most involved in the evolution process, training is the fundamental activity we are working on to guarantee total after-sales support to the customer

Ongoing online technical training for mechanics and trainers

Argo Tractors has invested heavily in the development of this activity through the creation of a platform that enables the online management of technical training for

  • dealership mechanics
  • trainers of subsidiaries and distributors worldwide

Effectively operational since autumn 2020, the new digital platform offers several sections in which a variety of materials on different topics are made available:

  • technical and commercial topics for sales network technicians
  • information content concerning the correct use of the machines, maintenance and possible problems of use for end customers

The end goal?
Offer useful and easily accessible content on topics of real interest to those who need certain information.

What’s on our platform

Many courses are available on the training portal on topics chosen according to the real needs of the distribution network.

We also offer the possibility of requesting further information on specific topics and products.

The courses are given in multiple languagesto make them accessible to technicians from all over the world and available on the platform 24 hours a day.

Divided into video modules of 5-10 minutes, they offer the same experience as a live course with a trainer in charge of providing explanations and demonstrations through graphic illustrations and dynamic diagrams, as well as offering the possibility of downloading material and interacting through comments and requests for clarification.

The online experience offers an additional advantage over the traditional version, which is that you can always enjoy optimised audio and video and review the content you are interested in at any time.

Finally, through the same platform we have also ensured constant training for our employees who can take advantage of specific content dedicated to them to reach new levels of professionalism within the company itself.

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