Pembrokeshire grassland event will be a major showcase for McCormick tractors

McCormick tractors will be out in force at the RWAS Pembrokeshire Grassland 2019 event, working with Vicon equipment including a high capacity front/rear mower combination.

The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s grassland event, being held this year in Pembrokeshire, will provide a major showcase for McCormick dealership Arwel’s Agri Services in conjunction with Vicon.

Pembrokeshire Grassland 2019 is being staged on Thursday, June 6 at Cardeeth Farm, Carew, north-east of Pembroke, with live demonstrations of grass harvesting and clamp-filling machinery.

Static stands covering a range of forage-related products and services will also be part of the event, along with a seminar programme providing information and advice on pasture renovation and re-seeding, hybrid varieties, soil health and agronomy, and harvesting systems efficiency.

One harvesting approach will be illustrated by McCormick tractors and Vicon machinery – from cutting the grass with an agile outfit comprising front- and rear-mounted Extra mowers each 3.2m wide, through spreading with an 11m trailed Fanex tedder, and bringing grass into swaths with 8m twin-rotor and 15m four-rotor Andex rakes, to baling and wrapping the forage ready for storage with Vicon’s unique non-stop FastBale.

A McCormick X7 Series tractor will power the unique Vicon FastBale non-stop baler-wrapper at the RWAS Pembrokeshire Grassland 2019 event.

The implements will be operated by tractors illustrating the breadth of the McCormick range – from the 107hp X5.45 from a new-generation X5 Series to a pair of 205/225hp X7.690 tractors featuring the new smooth-shifting P6-Drive transmission.

Between these two extremes, the new 141/150hp McCormick X7.440 P6-Drive will make its public working debut as a relatively compact but powerful and well-equipped tractor for both grassland and arable work.

The X7.440 is one of a trio of four-cylinder models released this year; there are also 155/165hp and 166/176hp versions, the higher engine outputs being available for pto implements and when hauling trailers, tankers and the like on the road.

All three are available with the new 30×15 P6-Drive transmission providing six powershift steps in each of five ranges for excellent speed control versatility, and with a VT-Drive stepless transmission for the ultimate in fine speed adjustment, optimum performance and fuel economy, and easy driving characteristics.

Out in the field, the powertrain can be set-up to deliver constant engine/pto speed, a consistent ground speed, or to work with optimum power or fuel economy – and all without the operator having to change gear.

In addition to routine and seasonal field operations, the transmission also lends itself to loader work and jobs such as feeding out when the fine speed control can help ensure even distribution of rations from a diet feeder along a feed barrier or into a trough.

The focus at Pembrokeshire Grassland 2019 will be on field work but Arwel’s Agri Services will be keen to arrange on-farm demonstrations of any McCormick tractor from its base at Harford near Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire.

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