McCormick technology at SIMA in Paris

McCormick, the epitome of technology and power in the Argo Tractors Group range, will be exhibiting at Sima in Paris.

McCormick’s standout exhibit will be the X8 VT-Drive series with its premium technology and unique power, reliability and comfort features. Upon first glance, X8 VT-Drive also stands out for its aggressive, contemporary design.

Ideal for large farms and demanding contractors, it comes in 3 models, with 6-cylinder Betapower Fuel Efficiency Tier4 Final engines nestled within the tractors rugged chassis, developing 264hp, 286hp and 310hp respectively.

The continuously variable transmission is super smooth to operate both in the field and on the road. Power and efficiency are guaranteed from the fully automated driveline offering 40km/h ECO speed at 1,300 engine rpm and 50km/h ECO speed at 1,600 rpm.

The certified ISObus system is provided as standard and allows managing implement operation from a dedicated menu on the easy to use DSM 12” touchscreen. The EazySteer and Precision Steering Management systems have been enhanced in collaboration with Topcon Agriculture to cater to precision agriculture needs.

The powerful closed-centre hydraulic system with 157 l/min load-sensing pump (a larger 212 l/min pump is available as an option) can handle up to eleven electro-hydraulically controlled valves (6 rear) with 140 l/min capacity. The electronic rear lift ensures a maximum lifting capacity of 12,000 kg, whereas the front lift, offers 5,000 kg capacity with a 1000-rpm front power take-off (available at request).

The electro-hydraulically engaged rear PTO features the three speeds 540E/1000E/1000 as standard with electronic selector.

The front axle is equipped with an electronically controlled parallelogram suspension and oil-bath disc brakes for guaranteed maximum safety and driving comfort.

Operator comfort is unparalleled in the 4-post Première Cab that offers all-round panoramic vision, automatic climate control, electro-hydraulic Semi-Active Anti-Damping, suspension, air-suspended driver seat, hide-away instructor seat, adjustable multi-function armrest, Bluetooth Mp3 radio system and a large refrigerator compartment.

X7.6 P6-Drive, selected as a finalist for the Tractor of the Year 2019 award, will also be exhibited in Paris. It includes updates for enhanced comfort and performance and added on-board technology, easy driveability and lower maintenance costs.

X7.6 comes in five models (X7.650, X7.660, X7.670, X7.680 and X7.690) with power ratings ranging from 151hp to 225hp. The 6.7-litre 24-valve engine is a Stage IV / Tier 4Final that uses the DOC and SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) systems for exhaust gas treatment and has no DPF (for lower maintenance costs).

Under-bonnet cleaning is facilitated by the Cooling Matrix system that provides unobstructed access to each radiator.

The Engine Exhaust Brake system uses a butterfly valve to restrict the exhaust gases which in turn provides greater braking power and complements the rear multi disc brakes but also extends their life and maintenance requirements.

The P6-Drive transmission features 6 Powershifts and 5 ranges controlled by push buttons, these well-spaced 30 Forward & 15 Reverse speeds provide the perfect ratios and overlaps for every operation. An optional creep speed takes this to 54F+27R. The Smart Auto Powershift technology shifts between both speed and ranges choosing the best-suited gear for the job in hand. The Stop & Action system allows the operator to simply bring the vehicle to a halt by pressing the brake pedal both in field tasks and on the road during transport.  Simply release the brake and the tractor will start off in the appropriate gear resulting in a driving style similar to that of a continuously variable transmission.

X7.6 P6-Drive Premium and Efficient versions are available: the first features the CCLS closed-centre hydraulic system with up to 160 l/min and up to 8 electro-hydraulic control valves, a 12″ DSM touchscreen monitor capable of supporting a rear/front camera, and Advanced HMF management. The Efficient version, on the other hand, uses a basic 88 l/min Open-Centre hydraulic system combined with the engine and transmission configurations of the Premium version.

Driving accuracy can be enhanced by the satellite guidance options provided by Topcon Agriculture. Also fitted on steering ready units is the Eazysteer system which reduces the number of turns of the steering wheel from lock to lock making it faster and less tiresome for the operator at each headland manoeuvre.

Operator comfort is also maximised by the either mechanical cab suspension or the new electro-hydraulic Semi-Active Anti-Damping system with variable ride comfort settings possible.

The McCormick Fleet Management, a system designed to measure the efficiency of the vehicle in terms of fuel consumption, operating hours and service reminders, all integrated in a portal that allows fleet managers to maximise use and monitor costs from their desks.

McCormick X6.4 VT-Drive will also be on display in Paris. Available in 3 models with 121hp, 133hp and 140hp power outputs provided by 4-cylinder 4,5 Litre Tier 4Final engines with DOC + SCR exhaust gas post-treatment system.

The range features an electro-hydraulic 4-speed PTO with Auto PTO settings for ease of operation and smooth drive take up. The rear lift easily handles all types of fully mounted implements (6000kg) and a 110 l/min closed-centre hydraulic system delivers fast response for loaders and equipment.

Comfort during field operations and in transport is ensured by such options as front axle with independent-arm suspension and mechanical cab suspension. The cabin is up to the highest standards in terms of ergonomics, low noise and excellent visibility.

VT-Drive functions are controlled from the multi-function armrest and from the 12” touchscreen DSM monitor.

McCormick X6.4 features a gross weight of 8,500 kg, and a 2.54 m wheelbase.

In the Medium-Utility segment, McCormick X6 is the perfect choice for mid-sized farms that practice animal husbandry and open-field cultivation.

Equipped with 4-cylinder 16-valve Deutz AG engines with 3.6-litre displacement and power ratings up to 126 hp, Series X6 features a DOC + SCR system and benefits from the Engine Memo Switch system that stores and recalls the optimal engine rpm.

The Argo-produced transmission offers a basic 12 FW + 12 RV hydraulic shuttle version, a 3 step powershift (HML) 36 FW + 12 RV with a hydraulic reverse shuttle with adjustable drive take up modulation and for specialised slow speed operations, creep speed can be equipped making 48 FW + 16 RV. The power take-off is available with 2-speed or 4-speed versions.

A front axle with 55° steering angle, oil-bath disc brakes and electro-hydraulic 4wd and diff lock engagement make for excellent handling.

Greater comfort and maximum traction is provided by the new optional front axle with central hydraulic suspension, this system utilises the company’s own axle and minimal maintenance is required by the operator.

A dedicated steering pump 30Litres is complemented by the 66Litre services pump, electronic hitch control with damping will lift 6,000kg. A choice of remote valves are available as well as front end loaders operated by the joystick.

The 4-post Deluxe Slim cab offers excellent comfort and vision. It features ergonomic controls, air-suspended driver seat, climate control and Bluetooth radio system.

The X6 can be equipped with satellite guidance at request, thanks to an agreement with Topcon Agriculture, and with the ISObus system to maximise productivity, profitability, comfort and safety.

McCormick X5 features a 3.6-litre Deutz Tier 4 Interim engine with DOC cat converter alone and without SCR. The range includes three power ratings – 99hp, 107hp and 113hp – and a 12+12 transmission with optional Hi-Lo and creeper, mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle and a powerful hydraulic system with 60 l/min capacity. The rear lift can be controlled via the ELS (Ergonomic Lift System) and offers 4500 kg lifting capacity.

Compact size (2.36 m wheelbase) and a weight of 3,800 kg, associated with 34” rear wheel tyres, make this tractor ideal for typical farm operations, also with front loader (available as an option).


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