McCormick: power and technology on show in Bologna

X6 XtraShift

New chrome decals

McCormick puts high power and technology on display at the agricultural mechanization event scheduled for the 45th edition of EIMA International in Bologna, from 9 to 13 November. Tractors of the Argo Tractors brand feature new chrome decals that are increasingly akin to the new family feeling that has modernised the entire range.

Improved comfort, reliability and fuel consumption of top-of-the-range tractors are some of the features found in almost all McCormick models, designed in particular for VT-Drive, the continuously variable transmission. The first is EazyGrip, the tyre pressure monitoring and inflation system operated via ISObus using the Data Screen Manager. This solution allows you to adjust tyre pressures for the various activities (transportation and working). It stops automatically when the pre-set pressure is reached. This makes it easier to maintain an optimal tyre pressure. Advantages include reduced soil compaction, low fuel consumption and minimal tyre wear, all while optimising soil productivity.

Another improvement is Smart Power Zero, a system similar to the Hill Holder in the automotive sector, which allows the tractor to remain stationary on any type of slope, once the reverse shuttle has been engaged, until the accelerator pedal or the EasyPilot joystick are activated. This feature also communicates with the trailer braking system at the same time. This means that you do not always have to use the brake pedal and ensures the safety of the operator and those who are close to the work area. A further advantage of the Smart Power Zero function is that it makes it easier when approaching implements to connect them.

Other innovations can be found in the cab, such as the increased opening angle of the rear window and a new monitor-holder support. An important option has also been added to facilitate maintenance. This is the centralised greasing system, available in the aftermarket, which allows you to lubricate all the greasing points of the tractor from a single inlet, simplifying an operation that guarantees maximum efficiency of the mechanical components.



McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive Stage V and X7.6 P6-Drive, Stage V

X7.6 VT-Drive

McCormick X7.6 is a mix of technology, reliability and power to effectively meet the demands of farm and field work. The range features Beta Power Fuel Efficiency 6-cylinder, 24-valve engines with turbocharger and Common Rail injection with power outputs up to 240hp. The innovative HI-eSCR2 system ensures that the engines are Stage V compliant.

Two versions of the transmission are available: P6-Drive with 6 powershift gears for 5 ranges, robotised range shifting and electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle, and the continuously variable VT-Drive transmission, which offers guaranteed excellent response and great user-friendliness thanks to the adoption of the Smart Power Zero system.

For the VT-Drive version the X7.624 and X7.418 models will be on show, while for the P6-Drive transmission there will be the X7.618 and X7.623 models.

VT-Drive tractors are also fitted with the electronically controlled smart-brake parking brake and EazyGrip with a view to increasing efficiency.

The Première Cab, with a 4-post structure, is designed to ensure wide visibility, while the automotive-style interior is equipped with the latest generation technological instruments, starting with the 12-inch DSM touch screen monitor with the intuitive MyHMF menu to manage automatic headland operations.

The McCormick X7.6 can accommodate mechatronic systems to assist driving and support fleet management, from PSM – Precision Steering Management (combined with the assisted driving system) to the McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management system for remote fleet management.



McCormick X8 VT-Drive

X8 VT-Drive

The powerful, reliable and comfortable McCormick X8 VT-Drive took the stage a year ago, at Eima. Powered by a six-cylinder FPT N67 Stage V 6.7 litre engine.

The range includes two models: X8.627 and X8.631 VT-Drive, with power outputs of 264 and 310 hp. There are two versions: Efficient and Premium. To comply with emission limits regulations, engines with eVGT electronically controlled variable geometry turbochargers use the HI-eSCR2 exhaust gas after-treatment system.

The transmission is a continuously variable, four-stage VTDrive with dedicated hydraulic circuits. Strengths: the response capacity that allows you to reach 40 or 50 kilometres per hour at 1,300 and 1,580 rpm respectively in just 40 metres (with a drastic reduction in fuel consumption).

The X8.631 VT-Drive model has a max. allowed weight of 16,000 kg and a wheelbase of 3,000 millimetres. The front axle with an electronically controlled parallelogram suspension (standard), oil cooled front disc brakes and a Mother Regulation trailer braking system, mean that the tractor can move in complete safety even on uneven ground.

The closed-centre hydraulic system includes a load sensing 160 litres/min pump (a larger 212 litres/min pump is also available as an option for utilities) and a 52 litre/min pump for steering. There are six rear and three mid-mounted electro-hydraulic spool valves with flow rates of 140 and 100 l/min and a three-way diverter valve; this solution allows three sets of hydraulic couplings to be controlled with a single spool valve.

The rear electronic hitch can lift up to 12,000 kilograms, while the front electronic hitch with position control can lift up to 5,000. For better implement management, a 540E/1000E/1000 (standard) electro-hydraulic engagement rear PTO and a 1000 rpm electro-hydraulic engagement front PTO (optional) are available.

The implements are controlled via the ISObus system (standard) with a dedicated menu in the 12-inch Data Screen Manager touch monitor, which also allows you to manage the following menus: MyFunctions for configuring up to five functions directly on the joystick; MyHMF for creating and modifying an infinite number of headland sequences (even with the vehicle stationary), MyLights for optimising the use of the lights, MyTractor for storing and recalling the tractor settings and MyUser for saving the settings of the vehicle.

In addition to EazySteer, the main controls on the armrest and the EasyPilot multifunction joystick, the Precision Steering Management satellite guidance (standard presetting) and the McCormick Fleet Management telematic system also facilitate control.



X6.4 P6 Drive

The range was officially presented at the last edition of Fieragricola, in Bologna it will be represented by the X6.415 P6-Drive Stage V model, with a 2,560mm wheelbase and a 4.5 litre, 16 valve 4-cylinder, FPT NEF 45 engine capable of unleashing a power output of 155hp. This model is designed for those who require versatility, performance and comfort and is suitable for working in the open field, haymaking and any work involving a loader.

X6.4 P6 Drive

The P6-Drive transmission with 6 PowerShift gears and 4 ranges offers 24 + 24 ratios, which rise to 40 + 40 when a creeper is fitted, with the option of 40kmph or 50kmph road speed. 4-speed PTO with synchronised option: The front hitch can lift up to 2,500kg and the electronic rear lifting system can lift up to 7,200kg.

The closed-centre hydraulic system features a 114 l/min pump capable of supplying up to 7 spool valves.

McCormick High Vision Cab is the cab with new FOPS approved panoramic roof with additional hatch for natural ventilation and LED field lights (14 are available, of which are integrated in the roof to give better visibility at night). The cab with mechanical suspension, combined with a front axle featuring suspension with independent arms, also improves driving comfort. The cab, designed with high quality materials, is fitted with ergonomic controls, a 12-inch touch screen monitor and a Smart Pilot Plus multifunction joystick.

Also available is the PSM “Precision Steering Management” system for satellite guidance, which interfaces seamlessly with the ISObus system for controlling the implements and with McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, a fleet management and remote diagnostics system.

The X6.414 P6-Drive model with the new Powershift transmission produced by Argo Tractors, is a candidate for the “Tractor of the Year 2023” in the “Best Utility” category and will be present both at the booth and in the dynamic outdoor area. This prestigious award, assigned by an international jury made up of 26 trade journalists (award ceremony to be held on 9 November) is one of the traditional and most anticipated events of the Bolognese exhibition.



McCormick X6 XtraShift

The McCormick X6 XtraShift is one of the most recent ranges; it is Stage V compliant thanks to the use of DOC-DPF-SCR technology, with closed-centre hydraulics and stands out for its suspended axle and cab. The tractor is positioned in the Utility category, suitable for open field work and haymaking and its performance, versatility, design and comfort rank among its plus factors.

The model X6.135 with a 3.6 litre 16 valve F36 engine having maximum power output of 127hp will be on display in Bologna. The increased tank capacity (from 150 to 170 litres) and the introduction of new solutions guarantee a 10% reduction in fuel consumption. Maximum torque has also been increased, which can reach 518 Nm at 1300 rpm.

The hydraulic system has also been renewed, switching to a 110 l/min closed-centre circuit (CCLS), with 38.5 litres for steering. There are seven spool valves, 2 of which are mid-mounted and 3 mechanical, as well as a flow selector that doubles the outputs and a solenoid valve for implements that require certain flow rates, with the possibility of 2 additional electronic spool valves at the rear.

The transmission ensures a precise and adequate speed for each application. This is thanks to the tried and tested 36+12 scheme with HML (3 speed under load) and Reverse Powershuttle with modulated engagement. The speeds become 48+16 when a creeper is fitted.

The 4-post cab and the FOPS low-profile roof, with an openable transparent hatch, provides all-round visibility and provides an unobstructed view for front loader operations and night work, assisted by 10 LED field lights.

More comfortable for the operator to use thanks to the ergonomic solutions on the control console, where we highlight the presence of the Joystick for the M30 loader, the hitch and for engaging half gears.

In the cab, there is no lack of technology: there is the assisted driving system, which includes the X25 Monitor, AGS-2 receiver, the AES-35 steering wheel and the ISObus system, which makes it easier to communicate between the vehicle and implements, ensuring efficiency and reducing operator fatigue and fuel consumption. Moreover, with the help of McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, it is possible to manage the fleet by reducing operating costs and establishing productivity through the control of working parameters and tractor telemetry. Remote diagnostics, on the other hand, reduces machine downtime in the event of unforeseen events or scheduled updates.



McCormick X5 Stage V


The X5.120 model of the McCormick X5 Stage V, with a power output of 114hp, is the maximum power version of a range that also includes the X5.100 and X5.110 models. There are two configurations available: Premium and Efficient.

Another version, High Clearance is available, which comes in the Efficient configuration, X5.100HC with 95hp and X5.110HC with 102hp.

Transmissions range from 48+16 with hydraulic reverse shuttle and HML (Premium) to 12+12 or 24+24 with mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle (Efficient and HC). The hydraulic system provides a 62 l/min tandem pump in the Efficient and HC versions and up to 82 l/min with a triple pump in the Premium version. The maximum capacity of the rear lifting equipment is 3,900kg (HC) and 4,500kg with additional cylinders. As an option for the Premium versions, it is possible to request a mechanically suspended cab, which can also be combined with the suspended front axle.



McCormick X4F


McCormick X4F is the speciality tractor that combines power and technology with versatility and lightness, which is well suited to manoeuvring in the narrow spaces available in orchards and vineyards. The range is represented by the largest version at the Bologna trade fair: X4 XL, the version dedicated to wide orchards and open field, with a 2.9-litre engine and a maximum power output that can reach 112hp.

Stage V compliance is guaranteed by the innovative system that uses a passive regeneration DPF, DOC oxidation catalyst and, for models over 75hp, by an SCR (selective catalyst reduction) catalytic converter and an AdBlue® tank with practical quick-access and quick-top-up system.

The engine maintenance interval has been extended to 1,000 hours, which is Best-In-Class in the speciality tractors category and significantly reduces operating costs and downtime.

The transmission is the latest from McCormick: P3-Drive 48F+16R, electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle, robotised range shifting and 3 speeds under load HML, all controlled by the handy new generation multifunction joystick on which the main driving and utility management controls have been installed.

The main features include exceptional traction and comfortable driving on roads that is ensured by the Stop&Action system, which allows you to stop the tractor by simply pressing the brakes with automatic clutch engagement, the cab with mechanical suspension, the suspended front axle and the ADS (Advanced Driving System), designed for satellite assisted guidance. The McCormick Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management telemetry protocol is also included.

The front axle is manufactured by Argo Tractors and is available with a limited-slip or Hydralock differential lock, again with electro-hydraulically engaged four-wheel drive. This solution ensures greater efficiency when using front-mounted implements and can be installed directly on the load-bearing chassis or, as an option, operated using a fully integrated front hitch and PTO.

X4F is equipped with an open-centre hydraulic circuit, with a 30 l/min pump for steering and 58 l/min for utilities. A third pump, 30 l/min, can also be added operating in tandem with the utility pump to achieve a total flow rate of 88 l/min, of which 55 l/min at as little as 1,500 engine rpm.


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